Quick Recap

Recap of the past few weeks

Since I have stayed away from the blog world for a few weeks I thought I would do a recap of what I have been up to.  I have been working out A LOT.  Have I lost any weight?  No.  But I feel so much better and I think I have put on a lot of muscle.  I feel leaner overall and good about myself.  I feel like I could do about ten posts on body image and the struggles with it during infertility treatments.  I have been eating very healthy…every 3 hours and mostly gluten free so my tummy is happy.

The past few weekends were filled with the fair….

dog sitting….

lots of cooking….

falling leaves……

and Duncan doing the usual….sleeping.


Good News, Wine and Popcorn….

After the BAD news I got yesterday I thought I would post some good news.

Good News

I found out I got an A in my Business Law class! This is my first class for my MBA.  I just finished my masters in Information Technology in April and with everything going on I thought it would be good for my mind to just keep going.  Also, I got a letter from the clinic that they froze 5 blasts this cycle not 3!  So that means we have 7 frosties waiting for us.  We will most likely be a Frozen Embryo Transfer this next round.  I am not sure if it will be medicated or natural but it probably won’t be till November.


A bottle of wine (don’t mind the greasy, popcorn fingerprints)…..

and 2 bags of popcorn (Gross!)

After “dinner” I was craving something sweet so I tried to throw together a concoction to make a single serving cake.

I didn’t let it cook enough so it was a bit flat but I threw some cool whip and chocolate sauce on it and it was pretty good!

I spent my night sort of watching Season 1 of Game of Thrones but was updating my playlist for the gym  in the morning so I wasn’t totally paying attention.  I love to multitask!  Duncan did what he does best.  Sleep!

Slow Response…..Stim Day 7

IVF #2 Update

I hate to be negative Nancy but when does it get easy?  I went in this morning for blood work and ultrasound and she told me that the biggest follies are only 8mm and 9mm.  I have a feeling I am looking at least 12 days of stims again.  As I said before at least I am not paying as much as last time.  I just ordered more meds last night and they should arrive tomorrow.  I have been dealing with Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. They are awesome.  They will even send a courier to you if you need it that day.  I am not sure when next blood work and ultrasound will be.  The nurse should be calling this weekend to let me know what the next steps are.  Just praying they don’t cancel.  I am feeling pretty bummed out about all of this.  Speaking of moods I bought this for Doug when I went to the Cape.  Isn’t this the truth? 🙂


On a more positive note…..the hubby and I are going to Boston tomorrow for a Barenaked Ladies Concert.  They were the first concert we had ever been to and probably one of the first few dates we went on!  I am really excited to have a day away.  The plan is to head into Boston in the afternoon and grab dinner there with another couple.  BNL are a super fun band even if you don’t listen to their music they just get the crowd going and their music is upbeat and puts a smile on your face.