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10dp5dt – Beta #1

I had blood work early this morning.  My RE called me this afternoon to let me know I was pregnant and that if things keep progressing the way they are Coen will have a sibling soon.  My beta level level was 228! I go back on Saturday for another blood draw and hopefully my numbers are doubled. I forgot how nice it is to find out early but also how stressful it can be to worry about if everything is alright and counting down the days until you’re out of that danger zone. FRERs are still getting darker. Here are today’s and yesterday’s tests.



A Year to remember…..2013

A sad end to last year brings a happy end to this year.  Few words can describe what a great year this was……..

FET #3 (IVF #5) = First Positive


Healthy heartbeat and baby….


4 Weeks pregnant


Third TrimesterIMG_0446

35 Weeks….


Last week of pregnancy (38 weeks)…….


Our boy arrives….


Love at first sight….


First Pics…..


One Month Old…

DSC_0059Two Months Old…


Christmas Card Cameo….

DSC_0137 3

Coen’s First Christmas…..


Hoping 2014 brings just as much joy to us and to all.  Happy New Year!!!

Welcome Coen Thomas!

I just logged in and realized it has been over 6 months since my last post and so much has happened.  Between the pregnancy, traveling, moving, living with the in-laws, finding a new home, moving again, work and a million other things, I lost track of time and stopped posting.  I really wish I kept it up so I would have a log of my pregnancy.  But….no time for regrets.  On October 12th (8 days early), we welcomed the most precious gift into the world.  Our son was born via C-Section (more to come on this) weighing 7lbs 7oz and 19 inches long.  He didn’t arrive the way we expected but he is perfect.  My feelings towards him are indescribable.  I never realized I could have so much love for someone I had never met.  All the struggles, tears, pain and frustration were all worth it beyond a doubt.  I feel like a different person……like I have changed….for the better.  He is my life and my everything.  He’s our little miracle.

I really hope to start blogging again.  I would love to post on my pregnancy, my postpartum body and mind and life with a newborn.  And if we happen to try for #2 in a year then I am sure I will need a place to get out all my feelings!

So much going on……

As I said in the last post, there is so much going on.  I finally finished my class and will be taking time off from school.  I just had a presentation at work this morning that I had been dreading for the past month.  It feels like such a relief to have that done. We have announced to the rest of our family about the little one and I am now 13 weeks!  We put our house on the market in February and within a month had an offer and we accepted.  We are now closing on May 3rd but have not found a new home yet!  We will be moving in with the in-laws until we can find one….sooo that has been top priority!

This Friday we are flying to Nashville for a wedding…….

the weekend after we are moving, the weekend after we are closing on the house and the weekend after that we are going to Vegas for my brother’s wedding!  I am pretty sure time is going to fly by with all that is happening and before we know it it will be time for our gender scan!  I hope to get some good pics in Nashville and I am excited for some yummy food and seeing a great couple tie the knot.

A crazy week…

Time has been flying and we have so much exciting things going on.

The past week was full of Whoopie Pies from a local expo….


A first birthday…..IMG_1006

Baby’s first gift…..


A cruel practical joke to the biggest Red Sox fan I know and my cube mate (I wasn’t a part of this one)….


and announcing to my sister-in-laws and niece.


So much more has happened and will happening in the next few weeks and hopefully I will have more time to update…..

It’s Official……Due on My Birthday!

Tuesday was a great day.  We had our NT Screening Ultrasound and it was our first meeting with the OB.  The place I am going seems to be a bit unorganized, as far as the receptionist communicating to Dr.’s and nurses, but all the people there are really nice and I especially love the midwife I met last week.  The ultrasound went well.  She was having a hard time getting measurements because the little one was napping.  She kept poking at him/her and finally he/she woke up.  The baby started bouncing around and she could finally get the measurements which was all under the 2.5mm that they like to see.  It was a relief and it was great to see the baby again.  This was the first time the hubby saw the baby all active.  Once we waited a good 30 minutes to see the OB she came in, asked some questions, did some measurements and tried the doppler and within seconds we heard the baby’s heartbeat!  She said at this point the miscarriage risk is so low that we should feel confident to tell the world!  I think hearing that made us both feel like wow this could really be it.  We have decided to tell the rest of our family either this weekend or next.  They finally got my original ultrasounds back and notes from the fertility clinic which put my official due date on my birthday October 20th! I know that the chance that the baby will be born on the actual due date is so low but what an amazing birthday present I am getting.  I love the fall and October.  I think it is the perfect time for our little one to be born.


Spotting Scare

I had a spotting scare yesterday. As soon as I noticed it I called the clinic and left a message.  I also had mild cramping.  All I could think about was that I was losing the baby.  I didn’t get a call back for about an hour and she just told me to take it easy, no heavy lifting and she would leave a note for the Dr.  I finally started to relax when the spotting went away but still feeling mildly crampy.  I know spotting can be normal in early pregnancy but it doesn’t make it any less stressful.  I will be going in for beta #3 tomorrow and I am hoping my number looks good.  At that point they will give me a date for an ultrasound.

Yesterday and today I woke up to more snow!

More Snow

After the spotting scare, I hit the couch and barely moved from it and then hubby came home with these!


For dinner we had scallops, lamb, asparagus and butternut squash all made by my love.  I took a picture of his plate. The piece of lamb I had was well done and to be honest grossed me out.  I must be getting some food aversions because even thinking about the smell and taste of lamb  is making me sick to my stomach.  Ewww even this picture is making me nauseous.  The scallops were amazing though.  Sat Night Dinner

And this morning I woke up and made myself oatmeal pancakes with a little bit of Sunbutter and syrup.  They were so good.  The only problem when I make oatmeal pancakes over regular oatmeal is I am starving 2 minutes later. It’s kind of like Chinese food.  I wanted to start my morning with something on the healthy side.  The past few weeks I have been overindulging in lots of bad food.  Going back to being good today!

Pancakes 2