Blood work and Chocolate Protein Bars

FET #2 Update

I am feeling much better today after yesterday’s horrid biopsy.  I am a bit crampy but overall much better.  I went to get blood work this morning to check my TSH levels and for karyotype testing.  They called me back and said my TSH is good and to remain on the same Synthroid dosage.  Now it is just a waiting game for karyotype results.  Once those come back we can move ahead and redo my day 3 blood work.  A lot to get done before we can even begin FET #2.  I am so impatient.

What I have been eating

I am pretty addicted to Jamie Eason’s Protein Bars and her Turkey Meatloaf Muffins.  They have become a staple in my daily eats.  I find them both great as a go to snack rather then chips or something worse.  The protein bars fill my chocolate cravings too.  I just need to watch out because sometimes I can overindulge in healthy food!  Below are the chocolate ones but I have also tried the carrot cake bars and those are really good too.

The recipe is below for Chocolate Protein Bars but you can also watch Jamie make them here.

Chocolate Protein Bars

  • 1 cup Oat Flour
  • 4 Egg Whites
  • 2 scoops Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
  • ½ cup Splenda, Truvia, or Ideal (I used splenda but prefer Truvia)
  • ½ tsp Baking Soda
  • ¼ tsp Salt
  • 8oz Berry flavored Baby Food (I used a berry and banana mix)
  • 3 tbsp Baking Cocoa
  • 4oz Water
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix dry ingredients (oat flower, vanilla whey protein, baking soda, salt, baking cocoa) together in a large bowl.
  3. Mix wet ingredients (egg whites, Splenda, Berry flavored Baby Food,Water) together in a medium sized bowl.
  4. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix together.
  5. Spray cooking dish with a non stick butter spray and add batter to dish.
  6. Bake 20-30 minutes in oven. (My oven is usually 30 minutes)

I make these on the weekend and freeze about half of them.  They need to be refrigerated or frozen as they have no preservatives.

Happy Friday!

I have been slacking on my blogging.  I am starting to come out of my depression after another failed cycle.  Monday will be another sonohysterogram and a biopsy.  We are still waiting on blood work results for the karyotype test and we are not expecting to hear back for a few more weeks.  We are still planning to start a frozen embryo transfer sometime at end of October.  They won’t submit any paperwork till we get our results back though.  Soooo more waiting!  What’s new?  IVF and TTC is always a waiting game.  I am not giving up hope.  As much as I am scared this could never work I still have faith we will get our baby.

I decided to drop the class I signed up for for the Fall.  We have waaaay too much going on.  We have 2 weddings, a concert and my 30th b-day all in October and then the holidays will be here!  I do love this time of year. I just noticed that the first day of fall is tomorrow?!?! Could that be right?  Here is a silly Fall pic from a few years ago.  Yes, I am a tree hugger.  Haha

I keep telling myself I need to put together a list of goals for myself to give me something to focus on.  Especially since I am not taking a class.  Things like eat cleaner and gluten free, try new foods, etc.  I really have no plans this weekend so I SHOULD be able to come up with a list. Here’s a goofy Duncan pic…..Notice the stack of mags on the floor.  Yes, add this one to the list: Go through magazines (I am a magazine addict and hoarder and damn proud of it)


WTF Appointment

IVF #2 Update

Last Wednesday we had our WTF appointment with the Dr.  She still believes it’s just bad luck and IVF WILL work for us.  We had blood work taken for karyotype testing and I go back next Monday for another Sonohystogram and a biopsy.  I feel like I have lost a lot of faith not with the Dr. but that IVF will ever work for us.  This failed cycle has caused more grieving than the first two.  I always heard most people get pregnant within three cycles.  Now I am scared.  Scared we will never have children.  The emotions that a failed IVF causes are almost debilitating.  I am angry, sad, bitter and discouraged.  I want to believe it will work but I just feel otherwise.  Usually at this point I am very positive and ready for the next cycle.  I am not feeling that this time.  Our next cycle most likely will be a Frozen Embryo Transfer and we are going to do a natural cycle.  We have 7 embryos just waiting so unless we find chromosomal issues we will be going this route.

Something that makes me happy…..fall and pumpkin spice coffee.  I think I am going to put a list together of goals for Fall.  We probably won’t be cycling again till November so I have some time to lose some of this IVF weight and focus on non-IVF stuff.  Operation Get Healthy will be underway.

A call from the Dr…..

IVF #2 Followup

Dr. V left a message this morning to let us know she saw the results of this weekend.  She said she saw the embryo we transferred which was perfect so she wants us to do a karyotype test which is a blood test for both of us for chromosomal abnormalities.  It takes about 3 weeks to get the results.  I don’t think she was aware that I had already made my WTF appointment for Wednesday but I am happy she is starting to look into further testing.  I am hoping we can get the blood work done this week so we are not extending our next round whatever it may be.  At the end of the call she said “I am thinking of you both” which was enough to bring on the water works.  I really like our doctor and she is very caring.  I really hope this next round works and we don’t have to move on to another clinic.

Vacation Day
Today was totally a “me” day.  We didn’t get home from the concert till real late so I have been a zombie all day.  I have been researching this karyotype testing and other testing that can be done.  I have also been reading, prepping my meals for the week, whipping up some salsa and pretty much avoiding doing anything that takes an effort.  I made some of my homemade salsa and made some Papaya and Mango Salsa as well.  I have yet to try it so I don’t want to post any recipes yet.  I usually do some taste testing while I am preparing but after the Fried Dough last night (that I failed to mention) we inhaled, I was feeling a bit sick this morning.  This is just a shot of the homemade salsa.  It takes a long time to make and now that our tomatoes in our garden have gone bye bye I think it will be the last time I make it for awhile