Another 45 Minute Treadmill Workout and Working from Home

Can I just say I love working from home?  I get to sleep in, hit the gym and then start working without any 45 minute commute!  I love it!  It is not something I get to do all the time but we have our WTF appointment with our Dr. late afternoon so it just makes more sense.

45 Minute Walk or Run Treadmill Workout

I started this morning with this 45 minute Treadmill Workout from Jeanette Soloma at Crunch Fitness.  I do just the walking workout.  I burned 333 calories this morning with this workout but it says it will burn up to 450.   I have never tried the running one because it scares me.  I have pretty much stuck to walking or easy running workouts for the past 6 months since we are going through fertility treatments.  I have been doing this workout a lot and it is now getting easy for me so I think it is time to switch it up and try something new!  Anyone have any good workouts? After this workout I did a quick abs workout and I am going to yoga tonight which I have had to skip for the past two weeks because if IVF.  Yay to keeping busy!

35 Minute “Burn and Firm” Treadmill Workout and Zac Brown

Yesterday was busy.  Busy is good.  I started my day by hitting the gym with a Shoulder Workout.  I typically do 4 sets of each exercise and do anywhere from 8-12 reps.

Shoulder Workout

  • Shoulder Press
  • Lat Raise
  • Front Cable Raise
  • Reverse Peck Deck

After lifting I did a 35 minute “Burn & Firm”  Treadmill Workout I got from Shape Magazine a few months ago.  Not the prettiest picture but Shape doesn’t have this one on their website.  I did an additional 20 minutes on the elliptical.


After a tough workout, I came home to a hearty oatmeal breakfast.



We went to the Zac Brown concert last night so on our way there we had to stop for a quick bite.  This was my first Chipotle experience.  I had a chicken salad bowl with beans, lots of salsa, guac and corn. Yum.

Zac Brown was amazing! We aren’t really country fans but they are different.  It was a very upbeat concert and was great besides the wasted idiots in front of us that were blocking my view.  Some days it sucks being 5 foot 1.  But I would definitely recommend the concert and would go see them again when they come around.  We didn’t get home till late so I took today off and I needed some time to recoup after the bad news.