Egg Retrieval, Whoopie Pies and Sushi

IVF #2 Update

Egg Retrieval was on Friday.  I had a bad night of sleeping probably because my estrogen was so high so I was awake at 2am the morning of.  We ended up leaving early to beat the traffic and hung out in a Starbucks as my stomach growled waiting for 8:30am.  I was the only retrieval that day so I got right in.  We sat around for about an hour while we waited to talk to the Dr. and anesthesiologist, get the I.V. in and some antibiotics.  Once I woke up they let me know I had 10 eggs retrieved.  I was a bit surprised by this and was confused since I had so many follicles. I guess they were not all mature yet and some may have been empty.

The nurse called Saturday morning to tell me of the 10 eggs that all 10 were mature and 9 of those were fertilized using ICSI.  I was very happy with those numbers.  Our clinic recently changed their protocol on 3 and 5 day transfers so I am praying that we get to do a 5 day transfer.  They will call this afternoon to let us know how the embryos are looking and what day we will be doing the transfer.

Snack and Dinner

On the day of the retrieval I had a nice salad for lunch but I was still hungry.  I had gone 20 hours without eating because of the anesthesia and I never go that long.  On our way home from shopping we stopped by Swan Chocolates and look what I found.  A Whoopie Pie Cupcake!  I am obsessed with Whoopie Pies they are my absolute favorite.  It was delish and I deserved it after the long morning we had!

For dinner I decided to get my last bit of sushi in before I GET pregnant and I will get pregnant!  Third time is the charm right?!?  Well that is what we keep telling ourselves.  This time HAS to work.  Everything just feels right.  The sushi was so good.  How I will miss it when I get knocked up!