10dp5dt ~ Beta ~ BFN Confirmed

FET #2 Update

I appreciate all the kind words.  It really means a lot.  I do believe I experienced a chemical which makes me believe I can get pregnant again…hopefully next time.  Below is my very, very faint BFP that I got to see for one day.  It’s one that you have to squint, angle your screen and stand upside down on one foot to see.  But it was there.


As expected we got bad news today.  Early this morning I went in for blood work.  I usually chat with the nurse and after going in so many times they know me by name.  On my way out she asked if I would be coming back for an ultrasound.  My heart dropped.  She probably assumed I was pregnant.  I told her I wasn’t sure our next steps, got into my car and bawled my eyes out.  There is always so much anticipation leading up to the “call.”  Knowing it is negative I usually grieve days before and when I get the call I almost feel a weight lifted.  Not that I am happy that it is negative but torture of not knowing is now over.  I can grieve, move on and prepare for the next set of events.  I never would have thought that I would have to go through so many IVF cycles.  I have come to find taking it one day at a time is far easier than thinking we may have to go through one, two, three or who knows how many more.  The Dr called to give me the news.  She wants me to go in for an operational hysteroscopy.  I will be going in the Thursday after Christmas.  She also mentioned the possibility of PGD.  She repeated that we make great embryos and she truly believes it WILL happen. She is not one to sugar coat things.  Up next will either be FET #3 or IVF #3.  Third times the charm right?  Wait haven’t I said that before?

I planned to go to the gym today but my heart was just not in it.  Since I have taken a few weeks off because of the FET, I am feeling lazy.  Not very excited to get back to the gym.  Hell, I am not excited about anything right now.  But I know time will heal and we will try again.  I am not giving up.  My goal is to have some wine tonight, relax, maybe eat some junk food and hit the gym early tomorrow morning and and try getting back to my old self.

9dp5dt ~ BFN

FET #2

Wish I could come on here and say that I have good news…..unfortunately I don’t.  Pretty sure #4 is a bust.  After those weird twinges and all my cramps I woke up Tuesday with the worst headache and fever like symptoms.  I did take test to see a very, very faint line.  I felt pregnant and then something changed.  I no longer felt pregnant.  My body which had been having cramps, twinges, weird feelings in my uterus just felt nothing.  Wednesday I took another test and it was negative.  Today negative.  Ever since then I am feeling back to normal.  Possible Chemical?  Maybe.  I took yesterday off because I felt sick.  I was nauseous, had a fever, sore throat and of course seeing the negative put me over the edge.  I could not go in.  Today I come in and one of my coworkers asks how I am feeling.  I tell her I have had a fever and have not felt good all week.  Some asshole over hears us and barks in “Pregnant? Haha”  Seriously?  As for what is next who knows?  FET #3?  A fresh IVF with PGP?  More Testing? Donor sperm?  Adoption?  Beta is tomorrow and typically if our Dr is there she will call with the news.  I hope she can suggest some next steps.  Sigh. Heartbroken.

Haywire Hormones

FET #2 Update

My poor husband has had to bare the brunt of my haywire hormones.  I have been on progesterone 4 days now plus the estrace which I have been on for a few weeks.  I know I am being….well let’s face it….a bitch but I can’t stop myself.  Between the hormones and the stress of another cycle I hardly want to be around myself.  My stomach is in knots and I am scared.  I feel like I need to cry but I can’t.  I have moments that I really think this could be it and then other times I feel like it will fail again and that something else is wrong.  We have no reason to believe IVF can’t work for us but because of our track record it feels like it won’t.   It is the unknown that is the hardest part.  At moments I want to give up, I want to throw in the towel, I want to take the easy out and just stop trying.  I know that I won’t give up though.  This need/want to be a mother is just too strong.  Some days I think this emotional pain almost feels physical.  My heart aches.

Saturday I spent the day with my best friend and her 8 month old.  The friend that started trying after us.  The one that will start trying for #2 this next year.  It reiterated that fact of how much I want this.  I sometimes am in awe that we have been trying so long.  Like we are living in some dream world….or maybe in a nightmare.  Don’t get me wrong. I have A LOT to be grateful for.  I have a wonderful husband, a warm home, a loving family, a great dog and friends that truly care about me.  So why do I feel like there is a hole….a missing piece?  Why am I feeling so empty?  OK.  I am sure it’s the meds that aren’t exactly helping this situation but I just needed to write my thoughts down somewhere.  To get it all out.  I needed to write that I am so scared of another failed cycle and I am scared of it never working.


On a more positive note….transfer is tomorrow!!! I can’t wait.  I feel like we have been waiting for this day forever.  Our appointment is at 9:30m and I hope I can get a good nights rest tonight. I can’t focus because of the anticipation!  This week should be good.  I am working today and do not have to go back to work till next Monday!  I hope to keep busy or at least my mind busy by movies, books and anything I can do to keep me distracted.   This is it….I am ready.



Lining is good!!!!

FET #2 Update

I went in this morning for my ultrasound not feeling so confident. I was up most of the night tossing and turning and worrying.  I was worried about my lining and worried about the outcome of this FET.  I am overly confident that this one will work because it just has to since the other three didn’t.  I am scared if it does fail.  But…..the good news is my lining was 9.3mm today!!!  The clinic should call me this afternoon and let me know the transfer date.  Depending when I start PIO transfer will be Sunday or Monday!  Less than a week away! Wahoooo!

So far I have had no crazy food attacks on the Estrace. I have had some trouble sleeping, nausea, headaches and minor bloating.  I feel like all of this is tolerable as as I don’t start getting really depressed or raiding the vending machine at work.  I also have hope.  Hope that this will be the one.  That all our waiting, tears and pain will be worth it.  That this is our turn.  We will be transferring two this time.  The past three have been single embryo transfers.  We just feel we need to be more aggressive.  It’s going to work, it’s going to work, it’s going to work.  I feel like the little engine that could.  Ha Ha! For inspiration, to keep me away from the fridge and just because I would love to be this ripped I keep this picture on my fridge.  I am taking learning to take this one day at a time to keep my depression and mind in check.  Now since I will be doing pretty much nothing transfer day and day after I need to find some things to keep me occupied.  Any suggestions?  Good Books? Movies?  What do you do after transfer?

Source: Oxygen Magazine Abs Special

Sweet Potato Hash and still no transfer date set

I have to share this really tasty recipe that I got from Oxygen Magazine.  I made it last night for dinner and it was sooooo good.  I only made a half portion because I was not sure what my husband was doing for dinner so of course I heard it all night from him how I didn’t make him any.  Guess I should have made more!  OK, I may have rubbed it in his face how good it was just a little! Here is the full recipe:

Sweet Potato Hash

1/2 c onion, chopped
1/2 c bell pepper, chopped (red/orange/yellow)
1 link chicken jalapeno sausage, diced
1/2 t ground cumin
1 sweet potato, shredded raw
Hot sauce (optional, but I definitely recommend it)
2 eggs
Salt and pepper, to taste

Additional spices I added: garlic powder, a bit of cinnamon and chili powder

  1. Saute onion, peppers, sausage and cumin for 3 minutes, stirring frequently.
  2. Add sweet potato and hot sauce and cook for 5 minutes.  (I cooked it a little longer)
  3. Remove and set aside.
  4. Fry eggs .
  5. Place eggs over hash and enjoy!

2 Servings

The final product…I added some reduced sugar ketchup too!

FET #2 Update

I went in for an ultrasound and blood work yesterday.   I asked the Ultrasound tech what my lining was and she said it was “7 something.”  Thanks for that range…… it could have been 7.1 or 7.9. Who knows?  I guess I should have asked her to clarify but she was out of the room before I could.   We need it to be at least 8 before they start me on progesterone and give me a transfer date.  I go back in tomorrow for another monitoring appointment and I am hoping my lining will be at least 8!  If everything is good tomorrow transfer day will be Sunday or Monday if not…..more waiting.  I may be doing the lining dance tonight in hope to plump it up.  (Plump isn’t the cutest word, I know).

A unique gift and good news…….

My friend who knows what we are going through gave me a very special gift for my birthday.  It is a dream box.  I have never heard of one before and although I typically don’t believe in these types of things thought it would still be nice to try.  You put your fondest dream or greatest desire on a piece of paper and put it in the dreambox.  You put the dreambox next to your bed and are supposed to hold it every night and every morning.  Who knows maybe it will work and I will see that BFP at the end of November!!!

FET #2 Update

Yesterday was quite stressful.  I went in for blood work and ultrasound at 6:45am.  There was no change so I knew the cycle would either be cancelled or converted to a medicated cycle.  Typically the clinic calls me between 12-2pm with the results but they have till 5:30 to call.  So I wait….and wait…4pm rolls around and still nothing.  I end up calling and leaving a message.  I didn’t hear from anyone until 4:45. Great news….they are putting me on estrace 1mg twice a day and I go back in on Monday for another ultrasound and more blood work.  If my lining is at least 8mm than I will start PIO and transfer would be 5 days after.  SO I could be doing transfer as early as next Friday!  I am not getting too excited because 1mg is pretty low and I may not be up to 8mm by then.  Yesterday my lining was at 6.5mm.  I still can’t believe we are so close to another transfer.  It has been 2 months since my last transfer and it has felt like 2 years.  Transfer day just get here soon!

The waiting game….

Friday Night

I took Friday off since I have a few days to burn up that I can’t carry over at work.  Last night was a late night for me.  My husband, two sister in laws and I went to the Citizen Cope concert in Boston.  My sister in law bought us tickets for my husbands b-day.  Before the concert, we went out for sushi.  It had been awhile since the last time I had it and it was very good.  We ended up getting the boat and there were plenty of leftovers.

The concert was over around 11-11:30 and we did not get home till after midnight.  I had to be at the clinic for 6:45 am and after finally winding down I ended up only getting a few hours of broken sleep.  There are two things that make me cranky (Ok there are probably more) 1) Not enough sleep and 2) Being hungry.  I am too tired to hit the gym and I will probably be really annoying and whine all day how tired I am to my husband who doesn’t understand.  He can function on a few hours of sleep.  I am thinking I will probably go to bed by 10 tonight!

FET #2 Update

I didn’t bother updating on Thursday because we really did not get an answer.  The nurse called and said they wanted me to come back Saturday (today) for ultrasound and blood work.  I asked about switching to a medicated cycle or what the plan was if no follicle started growing to become lead follicle.  The nurse’s answer was “well if you don’t get pregnant than the Dr. will probably want you to come in for a consult.”  Really?  Are you an idiot?  How the hell am I even going to get pregnant without ovulating and/or having a transfer?  Magic?  She then told me to speak with one of the Dr.’s on Saturday when I come in.  Funny….there are no Dr.’s at the satellite office I go to on Saturdays.  Needless to say this nurse was absolutely no help and I was just too defeated to call back again.

This morning we went in for an early morning ultrasound and b/w.  My lining went from 5.8mm to 6.5mm and no change in growth of follicle.  Ugh.  The clinic just called and I finally had a nurse that had a brain call me.  I told her our situation and she told me they want me to come back on Tuesday (CD16) and this would be the deciding appointment.  She said my estrodial is going up but just creeping up very slowly which is why my lining is thin.  She said all we need is for one follicle to take lead and I will just end up having a longer cycle but we can go ahead with the transfer.  That is best case scenario. Now I know I don’t exactly have the greatest luck so I am not counting on this but I am crossing my fingers.  IF estrodial is still low and no lead follicle develops she said there is a small possibility that the Dr. would put me on estrace and switch me to a medicated cycle since my numbers are low (LH and estrodial) but she couldn’t be positive.  Worst case scenario is they cancel.  If they cancel I am not sure if they will make me take a month off and resubmit to insurance or if they can move right into a medicated cycle.  I guess we will get our answer on Tuesday.  So again back to waiting….