Alana: Two Month Update


Alana Update

Little lady is now two months old!  She is such a cutie and is really smiling a lot now.  There was a lot of improvement on the nighttime sleep this past month.  Naps on the other hand went down hill between 6-8 weeks.   Those two weeks were extremely trying as Alana was super fussy.  I remember Coen went through this and I think it was a mix between a wonder week and growth spurt.

Height:  22 3/4 inches

Weight: 13 lbs!

Likes: Singing, baths, talking, eating, cuddling and fighting naps!

Dislikes: Naps!  Being overtired and her car seat….

Firsts: Smile!!!


Nighttime:  Nights have significantly improved…..  We went from 1-2 wakings a night that she was up 1-2 hours to only one waking and she falls back to sleep much easier.  She is sleeping roughly from 9/10-3/3:30 and then once I feed her she sleeps until 6:30 when I wake her.  Over the next few weeks I am going to have to adjust this to 6am so I can get her ready for me to leave for work.



Naps were tough this month.  If she is not in a room that is dark with a sound machine she tends to stay up.  She occasionally falls asleep in the swing.  She takes anywhere from 4-6 naps ranging from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours.  My attempt to get her on a schedule was an epic fail so I think I have given up.  I remember this happening with Coen and he fell into his own schedule around 4 months.

Eating:  Most of this month Alana was eating every 2 hours with an occasional 3 hours in between feedings.  Toward the end of the month it seems like we are getting more 3 hour intervals.  We still cluster feed at night and these are usually 4:30, 6:30 and then her last feeding is around 8:15.  She has a witching hour most nights between 7-8 so some nights I do feed her earlier.  This feeding may change if I start to put her down earlier.

Diapers:  We are using up the last of size 1’s and are moving on to size 2.  We use size 2 already at night because I usual don’t change her.  We went through 180 diapers this month.  I am using a lot less diapers with her than I did with Coen.  Second baby maybe?

Clothes:  She is still fitting in size 3 month clothes but I think she will be moving onto 6 month clothes fairly soon.  Most of our clothes are hand me downs so the onesies are pretty well shrunken.



Alana: One Month Update


Just like with Coen the first month has flown by like whirlwind.  The days and weeks have been going by so quickly.

Alana has already changed a lot over the past month.  She had a full head of hair but is getting the male pattern baldness look just like Coen did!  She is much more wakeful and coherent than those first few weeks.  She seems to have the same temperament as Coen at this point but I am sure she will start to show her true self over the next few months.  She is a little needier and her nighttime sleep is not as easy.  She has also been growing just as quickly as Coen and at 4 weeks she has put on some inches and lbs.

Height: 21.5 inches

Weight: 10 lbs 3.5 oz

Likes: Snuggling, baths, getting padded on the bum, staring into our eyes, bright lights, the Ergo and eating!

Dislikes: Touching her stomach, tummy time, settling after night feeds.

Firsts: Breath, Bath, Christmas, New Years

DSC_0040 (2)

Sleep:   Alana had a very sleepy first few weeks and naps and nighttime sleep all blended into one.  At about 3 weeks she became much more wakeful and spent a lot of time just looking around.  She seems to have the day/night confusion like a lot of newborns have.  There were many nights she was waking to feed and it took almost 2 hours for her to settle and fall back asleep.  She has been waking about 2 times a night for most of the nights but there have been a few days she has only waken once a night.  She is a very noisy sleeper and definitely wakes me with her squawks and cries throughout the night.  We have gotten into a not so good habit of having her sleep in the swing the first part of the night.  She gives a good 4 (occasionally 5) hours if she does.  The rest of the night she spends in the rock and play and wakes after 2-3 hours.  When Coen was born I remember the pediatrician telling us just do what you have to do to make it through the first 3 months.  I am a little nervous about breaking her of the nighttime swing habit and will probably see how month 2 goes before trying anything to drastic.  I am not going to lie this first month was tough on the sleep front.  I could be up anywhere from 2-4 hours in the middle of the night with her and then up early because of a 2 year old who decided to start waking an hour earlier than normal caused some tough days.  We are doing the same routine where I feed her between 7:30-8:30 pm and then go right to bed.  My husband stays up with her for a bit to get her to sleep or to keep an eye on her if she decides to wake early.   This works great because I get a good solid 3-4 hour stretch without worrying if she is crying or that she will not go down when I am ready for bed.

Eating: Breastfeeding is going well. Alana latched on right away but we did have some troubles with my left breast.  She struggled with latching on after the first week because I became so engorged.  She would start nursing then fall off and cry.  I think this caused some of the nighttime disruption because she would get worked up.  I also got a lovely case of mastitis right before Christmas which was a lot of fun!  She nurses about 10-12 times a day with an average of 7 minutes a side most days.  She eats every 2-3 hours during the day.

We introduced a bottle once this month and she did great with no issues.  I have to get her used to them for when I go back to work so it’s just finding a time to give it.  I am currently pumping once in the morning to start my freezer stash again.


Diapers: We went through approximately 253 diapers this month. This number is a lot less than Coen’s was in the first month but probably because we don’t change her as much!  She is in size one still and I didn’t bother with newborn ones this time.

Clothes:  I put away her newborn clothes last week and she is now in 0-3 or 3 month clothes.  She has the same body type as Coen with little arms and legs but a big waist so some are a bit too long.  I keep her in sleepers most days because it’s just way easier.


Big Brother Update:  

Coen had a rough time when we first brought Alana home.  Before she was even born, he started skipping his nap out of the blue and became super fussy and was acting out. He stayed with my mom and my mother in law while we were in the hospital which threw him off and then we had all the holiday craziness which led to a pretty cranky toddler who was off his routine.  Luckily he now seems to adapted pretty well.  He tries to give her the pacifier, always looks for her in her swing or on the play mat if she is still sleeping.  Just recently he wanted to hold her in his lap but he will not hold her in his arms despite me asking.  He always points to her when we ask where his sister is and seems to already genuinely care about her.


Coen: 13 Month Update

DSC_0136Coen’s 13 month Update

Although Coen is already 13.5 months, I figured I would finally post this…..I was debating whether to do a 13 month or wait until 18 month but I want to remember every month for two reasons: To compare if we have another baby and so I can look back on it as my memories fade.  This little guy has had quite a busy month.  He has gotten 3 new teeth and is working on walking.  He will walk on his own a good 4-5 feet before plopping down.  I think this next month he will start walking more and more. Pics are lacking this month! I really need to step it up and take some more.

Height:  30 inches

Weight:  25ish lbs



Likes: Cruising, crawling, babbling, food, walking with his truck, making fart noises, throwing food on the floor, giving hugs, imitating what we do.

Dislikes: Car rides, diaper/outfit changes, peas.

Sleep:  Since we dropped the morning nursing he had some rough patches of waking at 5-5:30 and not falling back to sleep.  He still has two naps at about 9am and 2pm and sleeps from 7:30 to until 6:30 for the first time ever.  We actually now have to wake him up!!!

Eating:  The day he turned a year we dropped the morning feed and at 12.5 months we dropped the last nursing session.  He has 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks now.  We are offering milk (breast milk mostly) in the morning, at meals and a half hour before bed with a little snack.


Diapers:  We are on to size 4s.  I have no clue how many we have gone through!

Clothes:  He is in 18 Month clothing!

Coen: 12 Month Update

Coen’s 12 month Update

One year… did this happen?  Baby boy has grown so much and is such a little man with his own personality.  I am so proud to be his mother.

Height:  Almost 30 inches

Weight:  24 lbs and 4 oz

Likes: Cruising, crawling, babbling, food, pulling himself up, walking with toy walker, clapping, waving and imitating what we do.

Dislikes: Car rides, diaper/outfit changes and taking his 12 month pics!  My husband had to hold him down to get them.



Sleep:  He has the same schedule as 11 months. He has two naps at about 9 and 2pm and sleeps from 7:30 to until 5-6:30.  Dropping the morning nursing has created an early riser but I hope he will go back to the norm once he adjusts.

Eating:   I started weaning at 11 months.  I dropped to feeding him 4 times a day and slowly started dropping my pumps at work.  A day before he turned a year I dropped down to nursing once a day.  The bedtime nursing will be the last to go and most likely the hardest on him (and me).  He has 3 meals a day and two snacks now.  We are offering milk (breast milk mostly) in the morning and once during the day.


Diapers:  We are on to size 4s.  We went through 190ish diapers this month.  I totally lost track of this! We did make it a whole year without buying diapers though.  I stocked up like crazy when pregnant and got a ton at my shower.

Clothes:  He is in 18 Month clothing!

Coen: 11 Month Update


Coen’s 11 month Update

Is it possible it has almost been a year?  Soon after turning 10 months Coen really started crawling.  Once he started getting good at crawling, he started working on pulling up on everything and then cruising the furniture.

Height: 28ish inches

Weight:  Over 23 lbs maybe


Likes: Standing(assisted), dancing, giving high 5s, clapping, smiling, finger foods, Duncan , getting into any and everything and waving.

Dislikes: Car rides and diaper changes…..he also cries a lot when I enter a room.  I am not sure what is up with it but he has been doing it for awhile now.  It’s like he realizes he missed me so when he sees me he just wants to be with me…or so I like to believe.




Sleep: He is sleeping about the same anywhere from 7:30/8 to 6-6:30 with a waking/feeding at around 5:30.  He has started to wake around 3:30/4 crying and fussing but puts him self back to sleep.  I am not sure if it is tummy troubles, teeth or what.  He is napping better for us.  We get at least one longer nap in morning and the afternoon one could go either way.

Eating:   I am still breastfeeding/pumping and he eats anywhere from 3-5 hours.  No change in bottles and still having solids 3 times a day.  We introduced wheat bread, yolks, cottage cheese this month.   He still has a sensitive stomach and we seem to always struggle with constipation.





Diapers:  We are on to size 4s.  We went through  194ish diapers this month.

Clothes:  He is in 9-12 Month clothing but sleepers are always tight on his thighs!

Coen: 10 Month Update


 Coen’s 10 month Update

Baby boy (can I still call him a baby?) started commando crawling soon after he hit 9 months.  He loves our dog and that seems to be the best way to get him to crawl.    At 10 months, he started getting on all fours and crawling.  Now a week into 10 months he is crawling like crazy!  He definitely seems happier now and loves to stand.  I think will be walking by his first birthday or soon after.   He also got his first two teeth this past month!

Height: 28-29ish inches?

Weight:  22 lbs 15 oz at 9.5 months! He is one heavy boy!

Likes: Standing(assisted), dancing, giving high 5s, smiling, eating and finger foods, swimming, baths, Duncan and Duncan’s dirty tennis ball!

Dislikes: Car rides and diaper changes.  All of a sudden ten minutes into the car ride he is crying.  I don’t get it?




Sleep: He is sleeping about the same anywhere from 7:30/8 to 6-6:30 with a waking/feeding at around 5:30.  I really think he could sleep right through but this is now a habit.  I am not sure if he will change this…maybe after I wean?  From 6 months to just about a few weeks ago he would not nap for us.  We got 30 minute naps and he would nap much longer at daycare.  He has just started increasing his naps with us and I am loving it.  I get at least an extra hour a day on weekends to cook, clean or relax. It is amazing!  He naps about and hour to hour and half

Eating:   I am still breastfeeding/pumping and he eats anywhere from 3-5 hours.  He is having 3 bottles at daycare and one feeding of solids.  He is now having 3 meals a day of solids of fruits, veggies, chicken, grains (quinoa, rice, oats), yogurt.  I try to give him some finger foods such as cooked carrots, pears, apples, cut up blueberries, avocado, puffs.  This boy loves his food!  He still suffers from constipation and we have had to add miralax into his food or bottles a  lot.





Diapers:  We are on to size 4s.  We went through  200ish diapers this month.

Clothes:  He is in 9-12 Month clothing but sleepers are getting too small for his big thighs.



Coen: 9 Month Update


 Coen’s 9 month Update

Two weeks ago Coen turned 9 months.  It’s always hard getting his monthly pics because he can be a little cranky at night.  I have also found he is not a fan of the sticker on his chest anymore!  Coen is still that happy go lucky guy that gets a bit fussy at night when tired but almost always has a smile.  He is intrigued by new people and always flashes his toothless grin for them.  He loves being outside and everyday he amazes me by learning something new.  I am such a proud momma!

Height: No clue!

Weight:  We had to push off his month appointment so I am not sure. I will find out next week!

Likes: Rolling around, babbling, spending time outside, sitting up, walks, the park, BBQs and meeting new people.  At 9 months he was still not crawling or even close to it.   He also likes standing while playing with his activity table.

Dislikes: Peas, Naps at home…he naps great at daycare.

photo 2



Sleep: He is sleeping about the same anywhere from 7:30 to 5-6 with a feeding at around 5.  I really wish he would just sleep straight through but not sure how to break this habit.  He also doesn’t always fall back to sleep after a feeding.  I think he is just not a great sleeper and doesn’t need quite as much as he used to.  He always leaves us guessing.  He will nap great at daycare but not at home.  I am not sure why?  He will take 2 naps from 1-2 hours but at home he will fight naps and only take 1/2 hour naps.  I have tried to recreate the same routine but he just won’t sleep longer.  I say he just wants to spend more time with mommy!

Eating:   I am still breastfeeding/pumping and he eats anywhere from 2-4 hours.    He is now having 3 meals a day of solids of mostly fruits and veggies.  I will be pushing out his feedings to at least 3 hours.  He is just a big snacker.

photo 1



Diapers:  We were still in 3’s most of the month but now on to size 4s.  We went through  200ish diapers this month.  I think my numbers are off….either way I think our stockpiling while pregnant paid off and we will make a year without buying one diaper! (Besides swimmers)

Clothes:  He is now in 9-12 Month clothing.  He has some 9 month stuff that he can still squeeze into and then some of the 12 month clothes are getting tight depending on brand.