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10dp5dt – Beta #1

I had blood work early this morning.  My RE called me this afternoon to let me know I was pregnant and that if things keep progressing the way they are Coen will have a sibling soon.  My beta level level was 228! I go back on Saturday for another blood draw and hopefully my numbers are doubled. I forgot how nice it is to find out early but also how stressful it can be to worry about if everything is alright and counting down the days until you’re out of that danger zone. FRERs are still getting darker. Here are today’s and yesterday’s tests.



9dp5dt, Beta tomorrow and……

I did test on our anniversary at 5dp5dpt and much to my surprise and excitement I saw a very faint line!!!  Beta is tomorrow and tests have been getting darker.  I am in shock!  Tests are from Monday and Tuesday.  Eeek



A Year to remember…..2013

A sad end to last year brings a happy end to this year.  Few words can describe what a great year this was……..

FET #3 (IVF #5) = First Positive


Healthy heartbeat and baby….


4 Weeks pregnant


Third TrimesterIMG_0446

35 Weeks….


Last week of pregnancy (38 weeks)…….


Our boy arrives….


Love at first sight….


First Pics…..


One Month Old…

DSC_0059Two Months Old…


Christmas Card Cameo….

DSC_0137 3

Coen’s First Christmas…..


Hoping 2014 brings just as much joy to us and to all.  Happy New Year!!!

Snowflakes and almost the weekend….

Happy Valentines Day!!!!  We don’t really celebrate the day so Doug will be going to hockey tonight and I will be doing homework and hitting bed early.  Tomorrow I will officially 5 weeks.  So far I am feeling pretty good.  I am tired but still chugging along. I went in for my second beta on Monday which was 428!  So the doubling time was 42ish hours and I think they like to see it at least between 48-72.  I am finally getting more comfortable with this pregnancy and my constant fear of it being taken away has decreased a little after the second beta. I go back in again next Monday for my last beta and then they will book an ultrasound.    My betas are on the higher end but not extremely high which would almost guarantee me twins.  It could go either way at this point.  I am just hoping for one strong little one in there. My RE was concerned with my size and having twins.  I KNOW it is possible but I would like the least risk pregnancy I could get.  That being said I will be happy either way.  Just ready to find out!

I can’t believe the weekend is almost here!  Last weekend was our celebratory weekend and we also had snow, snow and more snow.


There was so much snow when I woke up Saturday morning I literally had to toss Duncan outside because the snow was over his head!  He wasn’t so helpful while I shoveled the back deck.


Now this was not a fun task but the hubby did most of the front because the snow blower died so I felt like I should help out.  It was light snow so it was more time consuming than anything.  Luckily a neighbor let him borrow their snow blower the next day so he could do the other half.  Isn’t that what always happens? The snow blower dies on the day of a blizzard.



FET #3 Update

After seeing that second beautiful line Monday I went to bed super early but woke throughout the night with a fear.  Fear that it would be the same as last time and I would test and see only one line.  Every night I have tossed and turned still feeling so worried that the line wouldn’t be darker.  After dealing with IF you can’t just enjoy seeing that second line like other women.  There is a constant fear that what you worked so hard to get will be taken away from you.  I feel as one weight lifted another was replaced.  Don’t get me wrong I am beyond overjoyed.  I am the happiest I have been in years!

I got my official “pregnant” today on a digital!  It made me feel like this could be it!  My estimated due date is October 18th which is two days before my birthday.  This will be the best gift I have ever gotten.  Beta was supposed to be Saturday but with the huge storm coming I was able to call it and bump it up for tomorrow!!!!  I am very excited to hear what the number is and to finally hear them call and tell me I am pregnant!  Do I have enough exclamation points in this post? Nooooo!!!!!!

first bfp digi


5dp5dt ~ When you least expect it….

FET #3 Update

Yesterday was miserable I cried on the way to the grocery store, held it back in the store as we passed by families, infants and the baby food section but broke down into huge sobs as soon as we left.  I told myself we would never have what they have.  I knew this cycle failed.  I made the hubby discuss what we would do next….adoption or another cycle.  I started mentally figuring out finances and how we could not attend one of the weddings we were invited to.  I was so sure it failed I had 2 glasses of wine.  You can imagine my disbelief this morning.  I just wanted to test knowing it was real early to get it out of my system.  I figured if it was BFN then I would wait till Thursday to test again.   The first test was FMU and I thought I was imagining I saw a line.  There was no denying it when I took another test.  It is light but it is there.  I can’t believe it…..I AM PREGNANT!


2 first BFPs