4dp5dt ~ Deja Vu

FET #1 for Baby #2


Transfer went so smoothly on Monday.  We transferred one Grade A blast.  In the past with my retroverted cervix it has been painful and the Dr always struggles with getting the placement right.  The only time that it went this smoothly was when it actually worked…….but think pregnancy just changed things a bit and made it a little easier.  I am not stupid.  I have been in this position too many times.  I can’t compare this time to any other one.  I have cycles I was positive I was pregnant that I wasn’t and the one that worked that felt like other failed cycles.  I took the day of transfer off but decided to go back to work the day after.  I kind of wish I didn’t because that day ended up to be quite stressful.  My boss gave her notice which leaves me with one new guy that has been there a month and one other that was leaving two days after my boss and one person who hasn’t started yet.  The good thing is it will be an opportunity for me to grow before they decide what to do with the position.  I also have not been following orders as far as not lifting heavy items…Coen is almost 30lbs so there really is nothing I can do!

As far as symptoms, I have felt the normal progesterone ones…..on and off cramps, backache and random twinge or pulling feeling, sore boobs etc.  I have had these for negative cycles so I try not to obsess about them.  (haha! That’s a joke)  I did have a sharp pain or two in my uterus one night that woke me but that could have been anything.  The past day or two I haven’t felt much.  So now the question is when to test.  Tomorrow at 5dp5dt is when I got a positive with Coen and it is also our 4 year anniversary.  I don’t know if I should skip or test and know it is still early.  When you are a POAS addict it is really hard to wait…..

Lining Check and Transfer on Monday

FET #1 for Baby #2

I had my first lining check last Wednesday but it was a no go.  My lining was only 6.3mm and at best it needs to be at least 8 before they schedule the transfer.  I was bumped up from 2mg Estrace twice a day to 2mg three times a day.  I had a second lining check on Monday and my lining was 8.6 but due to scheduling they had me come in one more time this past Wednesday.  My lining at that point was 8.8mm.  We started PIO shots Wednesday night and we have transfer this Monday at 10:30am!  I am excited/nervous for the transfer.  It has been over two years since our last transfer for Coen.  I don’t want to feel the heartache of a failed cycle but I also know that it took a lot last time.  I am not expecting it to work the first time or the second.  I am going into it with the knowledge that it worked once before and there is no reason it could not happen again.  We are also only transferring one blast which might decrease our chances a bit.

Cleared for FET

FET #4 Update

I didn’t think I would be writing this but I have been cleared to start a frozen embryo cycle!  I honestly thought we may not even get the chance to try for #2.  Why is it we always think the worst case scenario?  It looks like all is good with my liver from a biopsy point.  My gastro will be monitoring my liver levels during the cycle just in case.  I am also waiting to hear on the genetic test for Celiac disease.  I started Estrace Friday night and return for an ultrasound on March 3rd.  Depending on my lining, we will most likely be transferring the week of March 8th with a beta right before our 4th anniversary.

Valentine’s Weekend

The hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentine’ Day but we did spend the night away for a wedding 2 hours north.  It was only the second time we have left Coen overnight but it was good to get away especially after the biopsy and stress I had been dealing with.  I did indulge in a few cocktails and it was probably the first time I have had over two drinks in about two years.  It would have been relaxing if we didn’t hit a storm both ways there and back.  A little pic from the day.


Coen: Three Month Update

Coen Update

Coen turned 3 months on Sunday!  I definitely feel like this past month went by the fastest.  I am not sure if it was because of the holidays or the anticipation of getting back to work but my head is still spinning.  His personality is really starting to shine through.  He is such a happy baby.  He loves smiling and has even thrown in a few giggles here and there.  He is awake a lot more and much more aware of his surroundings.  He has lost most of his hair and has this rat tail thing going on.  It is quite the look.


Height: 25-26 inches maybe?  I haven’t measured him recently.

Weight: I’m not positive but I would bet anywhere from 14-14.5 pounds

Likes: The floor mat, kicking objects and still being cranky most nights!  He loves smiling and having us make funny noises.  I play squishy face where I squeeze his big cheeks and he always laughs after it.  He has really been into sucking on his hands this month too.


Dislikes:  Tummy time, tummy time, tummy time.  He really is not a fan of it and would much rather be sitting up or on his back.

Sleep:  We got our first sleep through the night. He went to bed at 8:30 and I actually woke to feed him at 6:30am so I could head to the gym!  He hasn’t slept this long again and on occasion he is sleeping through the night till about 4 or 5.  Right now nighttime routine is feed, change, daddy sings and rocks him and then bed.  Bedtime is about 8:30 and this works for us because I will hit the sack at the same time so I can get a decent nights rest.

Eating: He is still eating at about every 2-3 hours.  He used to be happy with only taking one side per feeding but now that he is bigger I think he needs more so he will nurse from both sides.  While at day care he is taking about 4-5 3.5oz bottles of breast milk.  I was a little nervous about overfeeding while at day care so she has cut down to about 4 bottles and he is perfectly content with that.

Diapers:  We have moved on to size twos and going through a lot less diapers and wipes.  We went through 198ish diapers.  I’ve really slacked this month with keeping track!

Clothes:  He is in 3-6 month clothes and I don’t see him staying in these too long which is sad because I had some cute stuff he may never wear.  They are for the warmer weather and I doubt they will fit come April or May.


Coen: Two Month Update

Coen Update

Thursday Coen turned two months!  He had his shots and he is still growing like a weed! This last month was not without some trials and tribulations.  Coen must have been going through a fussy stage at around 6 weeks to 8 weeks.  He is by far not a difficult baby but has his moments.  It is amazing to see the changes a month brings.  I feel like he has grown so much since he was born.  Just right when he hit 2 months is when he really started smiling and laughing.  Even after a night of not so great sleep his smiles make it all better!


Height: 22.5 inches

Weight: 13lbs 3oz!!!

Likes: His pacifier, eating, funny noises, being cranky at night!

Dislikes: He is starting to not like being in his swing.  Before we could have him in it and not hear a peep.  Now he seems to get fussy after being in it a few minutes.

Sleep: Not much has changed on the sleep front.  I would love to say he is sleeping through the night but that is far from happening.  I am up at least twice a night or once if I pump before bed my husband feeds him around 11.  We really are not on a schedule yet but we plan to at least start a solid night time routine at the same time every night.  I usually have my last feeding anywhere from 7:30-9 and then try to go to bed.  If my husband is going to feed him he will feed him at about 10 or 11.  He usually will wake around 2-3 to eat again and then sleeps till 6ish.   But every day is seems to be different.  We have been transitioning him into his crib which he did good for the first few days but now he does not like it at all. He sleeps in his crib for naps with no problem so go figure.  We have moved him out of our room entirely for the past week and put him in his rock and play with the monitor on him in his room.  I hope next month I can say he is sleeping at least 5-6 hours straight because I will be back at work.

Eating: Coen obviously has no problem eating and is still eating every 2-2.5 hours despite everywhere I read says he should be at 3-4 hours.  I think I need to stop reading up on what a typical baby is supposed to do.  He seems to not follow any of those guidelines! He is down from a few feedings a day but still rarely goes past 2 hours.

Diapers: We went through approximately 258 diapers this month.  About 100 less than last month! He is still in size one but I think after we go through the next 100 or so we have left he will be in twos.

Clothes:  He is fitting well in his 0-3 month clothes but I bet in the next few weeks they are going to be too small.

imageCoen rocking out in his guitar gown!