Alana: One Month Update


Just like with Coen the first month has flown by like whirlwind.  The days and weeks have been going by so quickly.

Alana has already changed a lot over the past month.  She had a full head of hair but is getting the male pattern baldness look just like Coen did!  She is much more wakeful and coherent than those first few weeks.  She seems to have the same temperament as Coen at this point but I am sure she will start to show her true self over the next few months.  She is a little needier and her nighttime sleep is not as easy.  She has also been growing just as quickly as Coen and at 4 weeks she has put on some inches and lbs.

Height: 21.5 inches

Weight: 10 lbs 3.5 oz

Likes: Snuggling, baths, getting padded on the bum, staring into our eyes, bright lights, the Ergo and eating!

Dislikes: Touching her stomach, tummy time, settling after night feeds.

Firsts: Breath, Bath, Christmas, New Years

DSC_0040 (2)

Sleep:   Alana had a very sleepy first few weeks and naps and nighttime sleep all blended into one.  At about 3 weeks she became much more wakeful and spent a lot of time just looking around.  She seems to have the day/night confusion like a lot of newborns have.  There were many nights she was waking to feed and it took almost 2 hours for her to settle and fall back asleep.  She has been waking about 2 times a night for most of the nights but there have been a few days she has only waken once a night.  She is a very noisy sleeper and definitely wakes me with her squawks and cries throughout the night.  We have gotten into a not so good habit of having her sleep in the swing the first part of the night.  She gives a good 4 (occasionally 5) hours if she does.  The rest of the night she spends in the rock and play and wakes after 2-3 hours.  When Coen was born I remember the pediatrician telling us just do what you have to do to make it through the first 3 months.  I am a little nervous about breaking her of the nighttime swing habit and will probably see how month 2 goes before trying anything to drastic.  I am not going to lie this first month was tough on the sleep front.  I could be up anywhere from 2-4 hours in the middle of the night with her and then up early because of a 2 year old who decided to start waking an hour earlier than normal caused some tough days.  We are doing the same routine where I feed her between 7:30-8:30 pm and then go right to bed.  My husband stays up with her for a bit to get her to sleep or to keep an eye on her if she decides to wake early.   This works great because I get a good solid 3-4 hour stretch without worrying if she is crying or that she will not go down when I am ready for bed.

Eating: Breastfeeding is going well. Alana latched on right away but we did have some troubles with my left breast.  She struggled with latching on after the first week because I became so engorged.  She would start nursing then fall off and cry.  I think this caused some of the nighttime disruption because she would get worked up.  I also got a lovely case of mastitis right before Christmas which was a lot of fun!  She nurses about 10-12 times a day with an average of 7 minutes a side most days.  She eats every 2-3 hours during the day.

We introduced a bottle once this month and she did great with no issues.  I have to get her used to them for when I go back to work so it’s just finding a time to give it.  I am currently pumping once in the morning to start my freezer stash again.


Diapers: We went through approximately 253 diapers this month. This number is a lot less than Coen’s was in the first month but probably because we don’t change her as much!  She is in size one still and I didn’t bother with newborn ones this time.

Clothes:  I put away her newborn clothes last week and she is now in 0-3 or 3 month clothes.  She has the same body type as Coen with little arms and legs but a big waist so some are a bit too long.  I keep her in sleepers most days because it’s just way easier.


Big Brother Update:  

Coen had a rough time when we first brought Alana home.  Before she was even born, he started skipping his nap out of the blue and became super fussy and was acting out. He stayed with my mom and my mother in law while we were in the hospital which threw him off and then we had all the holiday craziness which led to a pretty cranky toddler who was off his routine.  Luckily he now seems to adapted pretty well.  He tries to give her the pacifier, always looks for her in her swing or on the play mat if she is still sleeping.  Just recently he wanted to hold her in his lap but he will not hold her in his arms despite me asking.  He always points to her when we ask where his sister is and seems to already genuinely care about her.


Meet Alana Rose!

She’s here!   Well she will be 4 weeks tomorrow so this post is a little late but she has been keeping us busy.  Alana arrived at 1:34pm on December 10th and was just a tad bigger than her brother at 7lb 9oz and 19.5 inches.  She is absolutely perfect and looks so much like Coen as a newborn.

I did hope to have a VBAC but things did not go my way.  This pregnancy was a lot longer than Coen’s and at 41 weeks and 1 day it was decided that a C section would be my best option.  Although I was devastated with the news, things were different with this section.  I knew what to expect and it wasn’t at nearly midnight when I was completely exhausted.  I was the first one to hold her and she was placed on my chest as soon as she was pulled out and she remained there while I was “put” back together.  That experience made it feel less like an operation and more like a childbirth. The other unique thing was Coen was born 8 days early on 10/12 and Alana was 8 days late born on 12/10 so it just feels like it was meant to be.

I plan on posting her monthly updates as well as my postpartum ones just like I did for Coen.









Coen: 18 Month Update

DSC_0766 Coen’s 18 month Update

We had a rough few weeks after dropping to one nap and decided he wasn’t ready.  He would cry constantly as soon as I picked him up from daycare.  I am not sure if it was the teething or the change of the schedule but after two weeks we went back to two naps.  He is still our little goofball making us laugh with the silly things he does.

Height:  32ish inches

Weight: 28ish lbs

New This Month:

  •  Another molar has broke through
  • Waving goodbye
  • Pointing at everything saying “what’s that?”
  • First Haircut!


Likes:  Sitting quietly and “reading”, being read to, climbing up on things and trying to get on the couch, Curious George books and cartoon, being outside and running around, hiding in Grandma’s cabinets.

Dislikes: Not enough sleep, being off his schedule, not getting his way or not paying enough attention to him


Sleep:  He is sleeping 7:30 to 6:30 and we went back to two naps a day after a rough two weeks of .  His nap tends to be 2 hours.

Eating:  He has 3 meals a day and 3 snacks. He is not a fan of meat like chicken but he still loves avocados, eggs, yogurt and fruits

Clothes:  24 Month pants and 24 and 2T shirts.  24 month shirts are becoming too small for his torso.



10dp5dt – Beta #1

I had blood work early this morning.  My RE called me this afternoon to let me know I was pregnant and that if things keep progressing the way they are Coen will have a sibling soon.  My beta level level was 228! I go back on Saturday for another blood draw and hopefully my numbers are doubled. I forgot how nice it is to find out early but also how stressful it can be to worry about if everything is alright and counting down the days until you’re out of that danger zone. FRERs are still getting darker. Here are today’s and yesterday’s tests.


9dp5dt, Beta tomorrow and……

I did test on our anniversary at 5dp5dpt and much to my surprise and excitement I saw a very faint line!!!  Beta is tomorrow and tests have been getting darker.  I am in shock!  Tests are from Monday and Tuesday.  Eeek



4dp5dt ~ Deja Vu

FET #1 for Baby #2


Transfer went so smoothly on Monday.  We transferred one Grade A blast.  In the past with my retroverted cervix it has been painful and the Dr always struggles with getting the placement right.  The only time that it went this smoothly was when it actually worked…….but think pregnancy just changed things a bit and made it a little easier.  I am not stupid.  I have been in this position too many times.  I can’t compare this time to any other one.  I have cycles I was positive I was pregnant that I wasn’t and the one that worked that felt like other failed cycles.  I took the day of transfer off but decided to go back to work the day after.  I kind of wish I didn’t because that day ended up to be quite stressful.  My boss gave her notice which leaves me with one new guy that has been there a month and one other that was leaving two days after my boss and one person who hasn’t started yet.  The good thing is it will be an opportunity for me to grow before they decide what to do with the position.  I also have not been following orders as far as not lifting heavy items…Coen is almost 30lbs so there really is nothing I can do!

As far as symptoms, I have felt the normal progesterone ones…..on and off cramps, backache and random twinge or pulling feeling, sore boobs etc.  I have had these for negative cycles so I try not to obsess about them.  (haha! That’s a joke)  I did have a sharp pain or two in my uterus one night that woke me but that could have been anything.  The past day or two I haven’t felt much.  So now the question is when to test.  Tomorrow at 5dp5dt is when I got a positive with Coen and it is also our 4 year anniversary.  I don’t know if I should skip or test and know it is still early.  When you are a POAS addict it is really hard to wait…..

Coen: 17 Month Update

DSC_0733Coen’s 17 month Update

We had a rough week mid month where Coen had a bad respiratory cold.  Luckily my mom had the week off and was able to watch him.  He is very active now and keeps us on our toes.  He is definitely in need of a haircut soon.  What do you think?

Height:  31ish inches

Weight:  Almost 28lbs


New This Month:

  •  Molar that broke through
  • Saying Hi when he puts cell phone to ear
  • Saying ” I you” aka I love you
  • Jogging
  • Grabbing his things that we ask for like “Where’s your Brown Bear book?”
  • Being chased up and down the hallway again and again and again….

Likes:  Sitting quietly and “reading”, being read to, eating whatever we are eating, hanging out on the couch, Curious George books and cartoon, cuddling with his big brother Duncan


Dislikes: Not getting enough attention, being off his schedule, not getting his way, too long in his car seat, being sick, green beans but I give them to him anyway!


Sleep:  He is sleeping 7:30 to 6/6:30 and as of last Sunday now down to one nap at about 12:30/1.  His nap tends to be 2 hours.

Eating:  He has 3 meals a day and 3 snacks.  I just used the last bag of breast milk this week.  He still loves avocados, blueberries, cheese and yogurt.

Clothes:  18 Month pants and 24 month shirts.  Sleeves are a bit too long but 18 months don’t cover the belly!