Cleared for FET

FET #4 Update

I didn’t think I would be writing this but I have been cleared to start a frozen embryo cycle!  I honestly thought we may not even get the chance to try for #2.  Why is it we always think the worst case scenario?  It looks like all is good with my liver from a biopsy point.  My gastro will be monitoring my liver levels during the cycle just in case.  I am also waiting to hear on the genetic test for Celiac disease.  I started Estrace Friday night and return for an ultrasound on March 3rd.  Depending on my lining, we will most likely be transferring the week of March 8th with a beta right before our 4th anniversary.

Valentine’s Weekend

The hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentine’ Day but we did spend the night away for a wedding 2 hours north.  It was only the second time we have left Coen overnight but it was good to get away especially after the biopsy and stress I had been dealing with.  I did indulge in a few cocktails and it was probably the first time I have had over two drinks in about two years.  It would have been relaxing if we didn’t hit a storm both ways there and back.  A little pic from the day.


So much going on……

As I said in the last post, there is so much going on.  I finally finished my class and will be taking time off from school.  I just had a presentation at work this morning that I had been dreading for the past month.  It feels like such a relief to have that done. We have announced to the rest of our family about the little one and I am now 13 weeks!  We put our house on the market in February and within a month had an offer and we accepted.  We are now closing on May 3rd but have not found a new home yet!  We will be moving in with the in-laws until we can find one….sooo that has been top priority!

This Friday we are flying to Nashville for a wedding…….

the weekend after we are moving, the weekend after we are closing on the house and the weekend after that we are going to Vegas for my brother’s wedding!  I am pretty sure time is going to fly by with all that is happening and before we know it it will be time for our gender scan!  I hope to get some good pics in Nashville and I am excited for some yummy food and seeing a great couple tie the knot.

Back on the wagon…..

……the healthy eating wagon.  This weekend started with a bit of a eat-a-thon.  Let’s face it the past few weeks have been bad for me eating wise.  I haven’t been doing so great since all the spotting started.  I tend to go right towards food when I get lots of stress in my life.  Doug has lost a lot of weight on weight watchers but for some reason Friday we both felt like really splurging.  We went to the grocery store and bought gigantic cupcakes.  After the cupcakes came popcorn and a Kit Kat bar and then it hit me……This is disgusting.  I don’t mind cheating here and there but I was eating to the point of feeling sick.  So after that last Kit Kat I made a goal to really focus on what I am eating.  I am not only supporting myself but our baby.  I need to start eating healthy and sensibly again.

  choc cupcake

Saturday night we went out for my best friend’s 30th birthday.  I said I was driving and had a paper due so I wouldn’t be drinking.  All true.  We were home before midnight but we were up early Sunday morning because of the “tap dancing.”  We have hard wood floors so when Duncan is up he paces back and forth to each side of the bed till one of us either lets him out or tells him to go lie down.  Since we were both up we decided to go out to breakfast.  There was a place we hadn’t gone for breakfast yet so we gave it a try.  The hubby was nursing a hangover and ordered Crab Cakes Benedict.  I had a bite it was good just seemed really fishy to me.  It came with sweet potato dots which were served with maple syrup.  Yum!


I was good and ordered veggie egg white omelet with fruit and English Muffin dry.  I devoured the omelet but was so stuffed I only had a half of one of the English Muffins.  From here on out I really want to focus on good foods with lots of variety.  I feel like being a bit more adventurous. It must be the pregnancy because typically I could eat the same thing day in and day out.

egg white omelette

Snowflakes and almost the weekend….

Happy Valentines Day!!!!  We don’t really celebrate the day so Doug will be going to hockey tonight and I will be doing homework and hitting bed early.  Tomorrow I will officially 5 weeks.  So far I am feeling pretty good.  I am tired but still chugging along. I went in for my second beta on Monday which was 428!  So the doubling time was 42ish hours and I think they like to see it at least between 48-72.  I am finally getting more comfortable with this pregnancy and my constant fear of it being taken away has decreased a little after the second beta. I go back in again next Monday for my last beta and then they will book an ultrasound.    My betas are on the higher end but not extremely high which would almost guarantee me twins.  It could go either way at this point.  I am just hoping for one strong little one in there. My RE was concerned with my size and having twins.  I KNOW it is possible but I would like the least risk pregnancy I could get.  That being said I will be happy either way.  Just ready to find out!

I can’t believe the weekend is almost here!  Last weekend was our celebratory weekend and we also had snow, snow and more snow.


There was so much snow when I woke up Saturday morning I literally had to toss Duncan outside because the snow was over his head!  He wasn’t so helpful while I shoveled the back deck.


Now this was not a fun task but the hubby did most of the front because the snow blower died so I felt like I should help out.  It was light snow so it was more time consuming than anything.  Luckily a neighbor let him borrow their snow blower the next day so he could do the other half.  Isn’t that what always happens? The snow blower dies on the day of a blizzard.


Another work week over….

FET #3 Update

Friday is my lining check.  Things feel like they are happening so quickly.  This past week flew because I have been straight out at work on a project.  I have still been getting get my workouts in and taking at least one day off a week to rest.  I will probably cut out lifting at the end of this week and just stick to walking at a moderate pace.  This is the part that always kills me.  I LOVE working out and feel amazing when I do.  When I have to cut it out completely for 2-3 weeks I start feeling awful.  Of course a baby is way more important but the fact is this is round #5.  At this point we are close to the end of our IVF journey and I have already done this four times before with nothing to show for it.  So when you get nothing out of IVF except some tears and maybe a little more dignity taken away it’s hard for me to say it’s worth it to get nothing.

I have been on Estrace for a week now and am just at the point to start feeling the side effects.  Cranky, depressed, bloated and insomnia oh my. I have been eating very healthy and besides the drugs my body feels the best I have felt in a long time.  I just hope the stress doesn’t catch up to me and throw me off.  It has been much easier now that the hubby has been eating good in the New Year.  I am pretty sure he gained some IVF weight as well.

Last Weekend Eats

It has been awhile since I posted and another weekend has almost gone by but here is some tasty eats from last weekend.  Last Sunday we had Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin that was marinated in Terriyaki Marinade and Zucchini Sticks!  Yum!  These pics don’t look so appetizing but dinner was really good.

Zucchini Sticks

Next time I need a dipping sauce for the zucchini….maybe marinara or healthy ranch dressing?  Tonight we will be trying Eggplant Fries. Hmmm…..sounds interesting and I bet they will be really good.

Grass Fed Tenderlon


The Weekend Flew…

I had a really good weekend but it flew by.  It is my mother’s birthday on Thursday so I met up with her over my sister’s place.  My sister gave us both a haircut and then we lounged around for a bit till we finally got motivated to go get a mani/pedi.  Don’t get me wrong I am far from a girly girl.  Getting my hair done and a pedicure are far from routine for me.  Even having my sister being a hairdresser, I probably get my hair cut less than most.  My sister is just the opposite of me.  She is all into that kind of stuff.  Well  I wanted to spend time together rather then just meet up for dinner somewhere.  As I get older, I have realized how quickly life goes and I really cherish the time that I spend with my mom and sister.  As my mom got a manicure she had a permanent smile.  It was probably one of the best gifts we could give her: time together.

The great weekend lead to a not so great Monday.  I could not fall asleep last night for the life of me.  12:30 rolled around and I was still up.  When the alarm went off at 5:30 it was a struggle to move.  Things just started going wrong: Leaving the house I fell down the stairs on my bum and had to run back inside and change because my pants were soaked, my lunch leaked all over the bag it was in, I forgot to pack t-shirts in my gym back and had to buy some at the company store on lunch and an early meeting turned ugly when I was put on the spot and just couldn’t think from lack of sleep.

I am not sure why I did not sleep well but last night the anxiety started.  I think it is a mix of pre-FET jitters and fear of another failed cycle, worry about transfer falling on days I NEED to be at work and starting a new class.  I think another thing that is bothering me is that this is the month I would be giving birth if IVF #1 had worked.  I feel a sense of loss.

I at least went to the gym and had a great workout.  I did some weight lifting circuits and then 30 minutes of cardio.  I did a walking treadmill workout but added some running at the end.


The waiting game….

Friday Night

I took Friday off since I have a few days to burn up that I can’t carry over at work.  Last night was a late night for me.  My husband, two sister in laws and I went to the Citizen Cope concert in Boston.  My sister in law bought us tickets for my husbands b-day.  Before the concert, we went out for sushi.  It had been awhile since the last time I had it and it was very good.  We ended up getting the boat and there were plenty of leftovers.

The concert was over around 11-11:30 and we did not get home till after midnight.  I had to be at the clinic for 6:45 am and after finally winding down I ended up only getting a few hours of broken sleep.  There are two things that make me cranky (Ok there are probably more) 1) Not enough sleep and 2) Being hungry.  I am too tired to hit the gym and I will probably be really annoying and whine all day how tired I am to my husband who doesn’t understand.  He can function on a few hours of sleep.  I am thinking I will probably go to bed by 10 tonight!

FET #2 Update

I didn’t bother updating on Thursday because we really did not get an answer.  The nurse called and said they wanted me to come back Saturday (today) for ultrasound and blood work.  I asked about switching to a medicated cycle or what the plan was if no follicle started growing to become lead follicle.  The nurse’s answer was “well if you don’t get pregnant than the Dr. will probably want you to come in for a consult.”  Really?  Are you an idiot?  How the hell am I even going to get pregnant without ovulating and/or having a transfer?  Magic?  She then told me to speak with one of the Dr.’s on Saturday when I come in.  Funny….there are no Dr.’s at the satellite office I go to on Saturdays.  Needless to say this nurse was absolutely no help and I was just too defeated to call back again.

This morning we went in for an early morning ultrasound and b/w.  My lining went from 5.8mm to 6.5mm and no change in growth of follicle.  Ugh.  The clinic just called and I finally had a nurse that had a brain call me.  I told her our situation and she told me they want me to come back on Tuesday (CD16) and this would be the deciding appointment.  She said my estrodial is going up but just creeping up very slowly which is why my lining is thin.  She said all we need is for one follicle to take lead and I will just end up having a longer cycle but we can go ahead with the transfer.  That is best case scenario. Now I know I don’t exactly have the greatest luck so I am not counting on this but I am crossing my fingers.  IF estrodial is still low and no lead follicle develops she said there is a small possibility that the Dr. would put me on estrace and switch me to a medicated cycle since my numbers are low (LH and estrodial) but she couldn’t be positive.  Worst case scenario is they cancel.  If they cancel I am not sure if they will make me take a month off and resubmit to insurance or if they can move right into a medicated cycle.  I guess we will get our answer on Tuesday.  So again back to waiting….