A forever student….

Yup, I am already obsessed with my heart rate monitor.  I used it twice already today and it works perfectly.  It took a few minutes the first time to get everything going.  I got up and jumped on the elliptical.  It is so nice to have one in my house thanks to my wonderful sister in law.  I have a gym at work which is the best thing ever.  I have no excuses not to work out.  At the gym I did Back and Tris and then went on treadmill for a quick 20 minute interval session.  I have lost so much stamina since I have cut down on exercising.


It was a crazy day at work today and the last thing I feel like doing is coming home to do homework.  I recently got my Masters in Information Technology and now I am going for my MBA.  I swear I just need to keep my head busy.  I am seriously considering becoming a certified Personal Trainer.  Back in the day I was going for a BS in Nutrition but a few things happened and I ended up changing majors.  I would still love to finish up that degree.  Sometimes I wonder if I am going down the right road.  Well either way I know I have some goals to concentrate on.  My MBA and maybe become a certified PT.  I need these things in my life during this time.  They keep me sane during all these medical treatments/procedures.

I can’t believe it is going to be August .  Tomorrow I look forward to working from home and yoga with my sister!  Maybe I should consider vacuuming at some point.  There are a few patches of Duncan Hair which could be mistaken for a small dog.

Sunday Sunday….

Dreading the fact I have to go to work tomorrow…..wish I could just call in.  I have no reason to not go in I just like time off!  It’s not like I have been too busy this weekend.  I think this is the only weekend this summer I actually had no plans.  Hubby was a part of a hockey tournament for autism.  Guess how many games I went to see?  Zero.  Am I horrible wife?  Probably.  I was too busy stuffing my face!  These birth control pills have been giving me the hungry horrors.  Only a week and a half left till I take my last pill before we start another IVF cycle.  Wahooo!

Today I started the morning with my first ever Pilates class with mi madre!  That was a rough workout for someone who has been putting of any ab work for months!  What was I thinking?  After Pilates we went to Trader Joes, Whole Foods Market and then home to write my paper that I have been procrastinating about writing.  I vow to this blog tomorrow I will start writing down everything I eat again.  This is the only way I can stay conscious of what I am eating and keeps me from eating too much!  Tomorrow I will update how things went.  Actually come to think about it, I do enjoy structure so maybe going back to work tomorrow will be a good thing.