MIA ~ 10 weeks

I have been MIA lately.  I just feel like I have been holding my breath since I had the positive test.  Finally, I feel like I am getting closer and closer to the safe zone!  I will be 11 weeks tomorrow (going by transfer day).  My due date is still up in the air.  The OB office still haven’t gotten my ultrasounds from the clinic.  They said once they get them they will use the 8 week one to date the pregnancy.  It will probably be the day of my birthday or a few days before.  Best birthday gift ever!  I had my first appointment at the OB’s office.  I saw the midwife and I am so happy with her.  We had a really good connection.  After spending a year with my RE,  I was sad to go.  I had the normal exam, pap etc.  She said she would try the doppler to see if we could hear a heartbeat.  Of course I was all for this but after 3-4 minutes and not hearing anything I started freaking out.  My midwife could tell I was anxious and said she was going to go grab the portable ultrasound machine.  She said I would see that baby some way or another.  She brought it in and found the little one quickly.  We saw the beautiful heart beating and he/she was jumping around in there.  It was such a relief.  Since then I feel like this finally may be it….our take home baby.  Next week is the NT Scan and I will make sure to post the u/s pics after.  Soon enough I will have to start posting bump pictures as well.  I have lost a lot of muscle from not lifting but my weight is probably still the same.  So I may have gained a pound or two.

I have been struggling with food still.  I feel great when I eat clean but lately I have been giving in to the cravings, having lots of food with gluten and then find myself sick for days after.  I decided I just need to accept I can’t tolerate that food and I need to do what is best for the baby.  Having a treat here or there is fine it’s the overindulging that gets to me! I have been walking or occasionally doing the elliptical.  I do not want to take any risks and I am looking forward to the second trimester when I can really get back to my normal (modified) routine.   I have been doing this workout from Ashley’s blog.  It is perfect because I can adjust the incline accordingly depending how I am feeling.

A Possible Breakthrough?!?!?

FET #3 Update

Insurance is still pending to start the FET cycle.  Hurry up already.  Sigh.  Good news is I did get a call from the Dr yesterday with the results from the hysteroscopy.  She says I tested positive for Chronic Endometritis and this could be “part of the answer.”  It is basically inflammation and infection of the endometrium (uterine lining).   It is not the same as endometriosis.  This can cause a hostile environment for a little embie to implant.  They put me and the hubby on Z-paks which we started yesterday.  I am excited that this could be the reason for the past 4 failed cycles but I am also being cautious that there is something else that could be the problem.

Not much else going on here.  Back in school and still working my butt off trying to lose that extra holiday poundage.  Here is another 30 minute interval incline walking treadmill workout I did yesterday after weights. I have been trying to stick to all the walking ones because with IVF I feel like running is “off limits.”  I do miss it though.  I got this workout off Pinterest which I am still obsessed with! I love how I can put all the recipes I want to try in one place. So cool.  Happy Wednesday!


Hysteroscopy = Done

FET #3 Update

Well, I made it through the hysteroscopy.  Just feeling really tired today but I think that is partly because I couldn’t sleep last night and from the anesthesia.  I have definitely been more anxious this past month and I am not sure if it is because of the holidays or because I am nervous for the next FET.   Maybe a combination of both?  Either way it is causing a disruption in sleep.  No Cool.  My Dr did come over to me while I was half out of it to let me know what she did.  Of course I was out of it and all I remember was asking if what she “fixed” could be why we have not gotten pregnant yet.  I asked the hubby what she said to him and she smoothed out my uterus or something like that and most likely it would not have caused all the failed cycles.  I will get more info during the post-op appointment in a few weeks.  The good news is while we were in the waiting room she had us sign all our FET paperwork which she will be submitting today.  So once that goes through then I will stop the birth control pills, wait for my friend to arrive, go in for baseline u/s and blood work then start the Estrace.  Things are going to start moving along.  I am guesstimating that transfer will be at the end of January or beginning of February.  Not too shabby.  Just a month away.

I took yesterday off from working out obviously but Wednesday I did a new 45 minute Treadmill workout.  I have been on pinterest like crazy trying to find some good workouts.  Here is the one I did on Wednesday:


I added an extra ten minute walk on the end.  It was a good workout for getting back into it after the holidays.  I ended up burning about 400ish calories so that’s always a good thing.  I have been lifting A LOT and cut down on cardio the past few months.  I am going to switch it up and increase cardio and decrease lifting to help lose some of this holiday weight.


First Day of Fall

It is the first day of Fall today!!  The day started looking dreary but it cleared up and ended up being a beautiful day.  I started my morning at 4:15am….not by choice but because I just couldn’t fall back asleep.  I finally climbed out of bed around 5 and decided to head to the gym.  It was amazing there was not one single person there.   No one by the free weights….

or in the rest of the gym!  It was heaven.

Yes, I am that freak taking pictures of the gym a 5:30 in the morning.  I did a great shoulder workout which I found in Phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s Live Fit.  After that I jumped on the treadmill for an hour and burned 500 calories!

I think that is the most that I have seen on my heart rate monitor.  I did a 20 minute interval workout and then the 45 minute workout I said I would stop doing.  The interval workout I got here from Brittany but modified it a bit by making the walking part 3.8mph.

After a hearty breakfast I decided it’s time to take out the Fall decorations.  I really don’t have much and most of them are hand me downs. Hmmm maybe I could get crafty and make some decorations or centerpieces.  First day of fall also means I can break out the Fall Candles.  The things I get excited about…..

Another 45 Minute Treadmill Workout and Working from Home

Can I just say I love working from home?  I get to sleep in, hit the gym and then start working without any 45 minute commute!  I love it!  It is not something I get to do all the time but we have our WTF appointment with our Dr. late afternoon so it just makes more sense.

45 Minute Walk or Run Treadmill Workout

I started this morning with this 45 minute Treadmill Workout from Jeanette Soloma at Crunch Fitness.  I do just the walking workout.  I burned 333 calories this morning with this workout but it says it will burn up to 450.   I have never tried the running one because it scares me.  I have pretty much stuck to walking or easy running workouts for the past 6 months since we are going through fertility treatments.  I have been doing this workout a lot and it is now getting easy for me so I think it is time to switch it up and try something new!  Anyone have any good workouts? After this workout I did a quick abs workout and I am going to yoga tonight which I have had to skip for the past two weeks because if IVF.  Yay to keeping busy!

35 Minute “Burn and Firm” Treadmill Workout and Zac Brown

Yesterday was busy.  Busy is good.  I started my day by hitting the gym with a Shoulder Workout.  I typically do 4 sets of each exercise and do anywhere from 8-12 reps.

Shoulder Workout

  • Shoulder Press
  • Lat Raise
  • Front Cable Raise
  • Reverse Peck Deck

After lifting I did a 35 minute “Burn & Firm”  Treadmill Workout I got from Shape Magazine a few months ago.  Not the prettiest picture but Shape doesn’t have this one on their website.  I did an additional 20 minutes on the elliptical.


After a tough workout, I came home to a hearty oatmeal breakfast.



We went to the Zac Brown concert last night so on our way there we had to stop for a quick bite.  This was my first Chipotle experience.  I had a chicken salad bowl with beans, lots of salsa, guac and corn. Yum.

Zac Brown was amazing! We aren’t really country fans but they are different.  It was a very upbeat concert and was great besides the wasted idiots in front of us that were blocking my view.  Some days it sucks being 5 foot 1.  But I would definitely recommend the concert and would go see them again when they come around.  We didn’t get home till late so I took today off and I needed some time to recoup after the bad news.

Day 6 of Stims and 45 Minute Walking Treadmill Workout

IVF #2 Update

Today is day 6 of stims.  After baseline scan and blood work on Saturday the Nurse called and told me to start Gonal-f 225 units that night.  I had to go in for blood work Monday and they increased Gonal-f from 225 to 300.  Last IVF they had to bump up my dose as well because I wasn’t responding as quickly as they liked.  Yesterday morning I had first ultrasound and more blood work.  My left ovary had no measurable follicles (all under 10mm) and my right one had one 10.3mm and the rest were under 10.  I think I am 1-2 days ahead of my last IVF so I think I will be on stims for 10-11 days.  So far I don’t feel too horrible.  I have been extremely tired with headaches and bloated but it will all be worth it in the end.  I added Menopur last night to the Gonal-f and I will go in tomorrow for more blood work and another ultrasound.  I figure largest follie will be at around 13.


Yesterday was yoga day.  Every Wednesday I try to meet my mom and sister for a yoga class.  It is a good way to see each other and get a good workout in at the same time.  It must be that the summer is almost over because the class and gym was packed!  Everyone was a sweaty mess after.  Since I don’t like to spend my lunch at my desk I decided to try this 45 minute Treadmill Trimmer workout that I had clipped out from Fitness Magazine awhile back.  It didn’t seem that difficult but my trusty heart rate monitor said I burned a good 250 calories during it!