A crazy week…

Time has been flying and we have so much exciting things going on.

The past week was full of Whoopie Pies from a local expo….


A first birthday…..IMG_1006

Baby’s first gift…..


A cruel practical joke to the biggest Red Sox fan I know and my cube mate (I wasn’t a part of this one)….


and announcing to my sister-in-laws and niece.


So much more has happened and will happening in the next few weeks and hopefully I will have more time to update…..

Monday Madness and Meds Update

Monday Madness

My boss was on vacation last week.  So when she came in this morning she got a little surprise.  My co-worker had a busy week last week getting her office prepared for her return.  Last time she tin-foiled the entire office!  Got to love it.

IVF Meds Update

On a wonderful note the pharmacy called to confirm that meds will be delivered tomorrow AND insurance covers them!!!!!! We are only are paying $125 in copays.  Last time we paid 3K out of pocket.  This really made my day.  Things are looking up.  Tomorrow is the last day of the dreaded birth control pills and before I know it I will be starting injections.  I am praying this one does the trick and we get our baby!