Lining Check and Transfer on Monday

FET #1 for Baby #2

I had my first lining check last Wednesday but it was a no go.  My lining was only 6.3mm and at best it needs to be at least 8 before they schedule the transfer.  I was bumped up from 2mg Estrace twice a day to 2mg three times a day.  I had a second lining check on Monday and my lining was 8.6 but due to scheduling they had me come in one more time this past Wednesday.  My lining at that point was 8.8mm.  We started PIO shots Wednesday night and we have transfer this Monday at 10:30am!  I am excited/nervous for the transfer.  It has been over two years since our last transfer for Coen.  I don’t want to feel the heartache of a failed cycle but I also know that it took a lot last time.  I am not expecting it to work the first time or the second.  I am going into it with the knowledge that it worked once before and there is no reason it could not happen again.  We are also only transferring one blast which might decrease our chances a bit.

Hurry up and wait…..

FET #4 Update

There must be something with infertility that always has us waiting.  I have weaned Coen well over a month ago now and still no period.  I have taken a week of Provera and waited two weeks after….nothing.  Now I am on Estrace for 10 days and then Provera and will wait some more.  Once it starts I can get all the tests done so we can submit to insurance and then start a FET cycle.   I forgot how much I hate waiting.  Luckily, I have a great little distraction that keeps me going every day.

I have been quite frustrated the way the scale has been going up since weaning.  My body is doing what it wants despite me watching what I eat, exercising and taking into account that I don’t need the extra calories.  Now to add in the hormones I am bloated, uncomfortable, pants are getting tighter and I am starting to not sleep well.  Oh the joys of estrogen…..

On a positive note, I did find a picture of one year ago after having Coen and compared it to a picture from this weekend.  I have made a lot of progress over the year.  I also have started to realize that despite weaning my body is not mine again.  It will all be worth it though.


Life Lately

Life is busy as expected with a 13 month old.  Some things have gotten easier and some have gotten more difficult.  I think the biggest improvement is his bedtime routine has gotten better and he is sleeping all the way through the night.  We give a sippy cup of milk and a little snack at 7 pm, read at 7:20 and he goes down without a peep.  There are also no 5 am wake ups every morning.  He sleeps most days until 6:30am.  Pretty sure he was playing me and if I just did a little sleep training I could have gotten this months ago.


The little guy has been sick the past few weeks with a cold and fever.  I took off last Monday when he was feeling the worst and his fever was 101.  Luckily I think he is finally getting better but he just has that lingering cough.  Poor guy.  He got sick last year but it was nothing like this.  There was nothing I could do to help and all he wanted was to cry and give hugs.

I am looking forward to a 5 day weekend and some yummy food for Thanksgiving!  We will be hosting Thanksgiving but it will be small.  Just the hubby, Coen, my sister, father and me which means lots of turkey leftovers!  We are doing family pictures on Friday and I am excited to see how they come out.  If they are good we will be using one of them for Christmas Cards.  We already got pics with Santa this weekend.  They didn’t come out so great because Coen was just about to break out crying.  I think the stranger fear is in full effect.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Slow Response…..Stim Day 7

IVF #2 Update

I hate to be negative Nancy but when does it get easy?  I went in this morning for blood work and ultrasound and she told me that the biggest follies are only 8mm and 9mm.  I have a feeling I am looking at least 12 days of stims again.  As I said before at least I am not paying as much as last time.  I just ordered more meds last night and they should arrive tomorrow.  I have been dealing with Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. They are awesome.  They will even send a courier to you if you need it that day.  I am not sure when next blood work and ultrasound will be.  The nurse should be calling this weekend to let me know what the next steps are.  Just praying they don’t cancel.  I am feeling pretty bummed out about all of this.  Speaking of moods I bought this for Doug when I went to the Cape.  Isn’t this the truth? 🙂


On a more positive note…..the hubby and I are going to Boston tomorrow for a Barenaked Ladies Concert.  They were the first concert we had ever been to and probably one of the first few dates we went on!  I am really excited to have a day away.  The plan is to head into Boston in the afternoon and grab dinner there with another couple.  BNL are a super fun band even if you don’t listen to their music they just get the crowd going and their music is upbeat and puts a smile on your face.

Day 6 of Stims and 45 Minute Walking Treadmill Workout

IVF #2 Update

Today is day 6 of stims.  After baseline scan and blood work on Saturday the Nurse called and told me to start Gonal-f 225 units that night.  I had to go in for blood work Monday and they increased Gonal-f from 225 to 300.  Last IVF they had to bump up my dose as well because I wasn’t responding as quickly as they liked.  Yesterday morning I had first ultrasound and more blood work.  My left ovary had no measurable follicles (all under 10mm) and my right one had one 10.3mm and the rest were under 10.  I think I am 1-2 days ahead of my last IVF so I think I will be on stims for 10-11 days.  So far I don’t feel too horrible.  I have been extremely tired with headaches and bloated but it will all be worth it in the end.  I added Menopur last night to the Gonal-f and I will go in tomorrow for more blood work and another ultrasound.  I figure largest follie will be at around 13.


Yesterday was yoga day.  Every Wednesday I try to meet my mom and sister for a yoga class.  It is a good way to see each other and get a good workout in at the same time.  It must be that the summer is almost over because the class and gym was packed!  Everyone was a sweaty mess after.  Since I don’t like to spend my lunch at my desk I decided to try this 45 minute Treadmill Trimmer workout that I had clipped out from Fitness Magazine awhile back.  It didn’t seem that difficult but my trusty heart rate monitor said I burned a good 250 calories during it!

Meds are In…Bring on IVF #2

IVF #2 Update

Meds arrived yesterday!  I still have progesterone and estrace left from last cycle.  Last night was last day of BC Pills and hoping baseline will be on Saturday and starting meds on Monday at the latest! I can’t believe how close we are to IVF #2!  I am guesstimating that retrieval will be around August 24th and transfer will be 27th.  It all depends on when they start me on injections and how I respond.  She said she wants me to be on them 9 days this time.  I am doing an antagonist protocol which means no lupron.  Last time I was on stims for 12 days because I was over suppressed and on a lower dosage of meds at first.

Monday Madness and Meds Update

Monday Madness

My boss was on vacation last week.  So when she came in this morning she got a little surprise.  My co-worker had a busy week last week getting her office prepared for her return.  Last time she tin-foiled the entire office!  Got to love it.

IVF Meds Update

On a wonderful note the pharmacy called to confirm that meds will be delivered tomorrow AND insurance covers them!!!!!! We are only are paying $125 in copays.  Last time we paid 3K out of pocket.  This really made my day.  Things are looking up.  Tomorrow is the last day of the dreaded birth control pills and before I know it I will be starting injections.  I am praying this one does the trick and we get our baby!