35 Minute “Burn and Firm” Treadmill Workout and Zac Brown

Yesterday was busy.  Busy is good.  I started my day by hitting the gym with a Shoulder Workout.  I typically do 4 sets of each exercise and do anywhere from 8-12 reps.

Shoulder Workout

  • Shoulder Press
  • Lat Raise
  • Front Cable Raise
  • Reverse Peck Deck

After lifting I did a 35 minute “Burn & Firm”  Treadmill Workout I got from Shape Magazine a few months ago.  Not the prettiest picture but Shape doesn’t have this one on their website.  I did an additional 20 minutes on the elliptical.


After a tough workout, I came home to a hearty oatmeal breakfast.



We went to the Zac Brown concert last night so on our way there we had to stop for a quick bite.  This was my first Chipotle experience.  I had a chicken salad bowl with beans, lots of salsa, guac and corn. Yum.

Zac Brown was amazing! We aren’t really country fans but they are different.  It was a very upbeat concert and was great besides the wasted idiots in front of us that were blocking my view.  Some days it sucks being 5 foot 1.  But I would definitely recommend the concert and would go see them again when they come around.  We didn’t get home till late so I took today off and I needed some time to recoup after the bad news.

Baseline and Banana Sunbutter Protein Oats


After a very nasty sweaty Saturday AM workout, I had a yummy bowl of Banana Sunbutter Protein Oats.  Don’t mind the dirty counters.  We should have got the glossy one cause they never get clean!

Banana Sunbutter Protein Oats

1/2 c oatmeal

1 cup water or milk

1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder

1/4-1/2 banana

1/2-1 T sun butter

I typically add the protein powder before I cook it but you have to be careful and make sure you stir a bunch or else you will be chomping on some nasty clumps. I have both Sunbutter brand and Trader Joes.  They are both equally delicious.  I have yet to try the crunchy kind but I bet it is fabulous!  This is what I used today:

Have I told you how much I love oatmeal?  It is my favorite all year round. Speaking of seasons is anyone else getting excited about the Fall coming? It is my favorite time of year!!!!  I LOVE it!

IVF #2 Update

Things are looking good. I got great news the other day and we are beginning our cycle.  I was at the clinic for 6:30am this morning for blood work and ultrasound. Fun Fun!  My antral follicle count was 13.  8 on one side and 5 on the other.  This seems a bit low for someone who is 29 but no one has mentioned it being a problem.  I should get the call tonight about when to start the stims! I will be using Gonal-F to start.  Let the fun begin!!!