IVF Timeline

TTC #1

March 2011- Start TTC

September 2011- Diagnosed Severe MFI

IVF #1- April/May 2012- One 3 day embryo transferred- BFN

FET #1- June/July 2012 – One blastocyst transferred – BFN

IVF #2- Aug/Sept 2012 One blastocyst transferred – BFN

FET #2 Oct/Nov 2012 2 Frozen Blast transferred

FET #3 January 2013


FET #4 2015

  • 1/?/15 – AF arrives
  • 1//?/15 CD2 Testing

3 thoughts on “IVF Timeline

  1. eveclo says:

    Hi KIm! I am so excited to find your blog and see your amazing journey to your son!!! Stories like yours give me inspiration and the hope I truly need. My husband and I have a diagnosis of Male Factor Infertility and after 4 embryo transfers we still have not had a positive pregnancy test, hoping next month is ours 🙂 Congratulations.

    • Kim says:

      I’m so glad I could be of some inspiration! Just remember not to give up and it will happen….some of us just take a little longer than others!

      • eveclo says:

        Ahh I really hope so! It is just really helpful to read stories such as your own to help build the strength to keep going. Thank you for sharing!!

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