About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Kim.  I am a nutrition and fitness coach on a journey to helping others get the life they want by healing their relationship with food, exercise, body image and I also have a special interest in working with women that have hypothalamic amenorrhea and want to get their periods back. I have two beautiful kids through IVF myself so I know the struggles of dealing with infertility.

I am a proud introvert, lover of all things fitness, infertility survivor and self help junkie.  I have my MS and I am a certified NASM Personal Trainer on her way to becoming a nutritionist.  I have always loved food and fitness but have struggled in the past to find balance in all parts of my life: weight, my relationship with food, overexercising and dealing with infertility (two fold) which makes me the perfect person to help you get to where you want.

I always struggled with my weight and always on a diet. My moods were affected depending if the the number on the scale changed. As a perfectionist, I was always striving for that perfect body and during that process I stopped living life and never learned to love myself. In this blog you can find our infertility journey as well as posts on exercise, nutrition, self love and resources to help you get your fertility back from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea . 

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