Body and Mind after Baby #2: One Month Postpartum


The first month has been far more stressful with Alana then it was with Coen for multiple reasons.  First off, she had her days and nights confused where she was up twice a night which isn’t bad but was taking about 1-2 hours to settle each time.  I was only sleeping about 4-5 hours at the most at night.  I also ended up having some issues with her latch and then getting mastitis.  Add on the holidays and then hosting 2 Christmases and then having more family coming to visit left me no time to rest up after the baby or while having an infection.  We have also been dealing with some financial stresses and had found out this month that unemployment benefits run out for my husband at the beginning of February.  A new baby, a cranky two year old and fear of how we will pay our bills on one salary left lots of room for stress.  There were multiple days I felt very depressed but it was definitely situational and not PPD.  I am trying to stay as positive as I can but some days are harder then others.  In the end, I know it will all work out and I know it has to get better from here.


I worked out until the day before the csection.  I kept lifting heavy weights and doing plyometric type cardio throughout pregnancy.  I definitely felt stronger this pregnancy then I did last one.  I struggled in the first trimester due to fatigue but still stuck through it.  I stopped going on the scale the last week or so because I was so done with pregnancy.  I was only sleeping 4-5 hours a night due to insomnia and didn’t need the added stress of seeing the number go up and up.  I think I gained about 28-29lbs compared to the 26 I gained with Coen.  I started a few pounds lighter so I think I ended up being about the same weight in the end.  Luckily, I did not get stretch marks again and besides the fading dark line and cesction scar I think I have minimum permanent signs of two pregnancies.  I account this to genetics and gaining weight slowly.  I am now left about 8-9lbs above prepregancy with another 5lbs to get to my pre-IVF and fertility meds weight.  While the scale is one way to measure progress I think the tape measure is much better.  I have more muscle left this time around so comparing I can only take the scale weight with a grain of salt.


One Month after Baby #1

vs #2

I am at about the same weight as I was one month postpartum last time but my stomach is definitely and the measurements prove that.  My stomach also has a different shape which is probably because it was stretched more and muscles are weaker after the second pregnancy.  I hope to see some progress in the stomach over the next month as this is my toughest area.


1-22-2016 10-02-13 AM


Around 3 weeks, I started with just walking on a treadmill since it is too cold to get out with the stroller.  I slowly progressed and added in some weights starting at 4 weeks. My plan is to do some light weights and low impact cardio until 6 weeks or so and then start the same program I did the last pregnancy.

3 thoughts on “Body and Mind after Baby #2: One Month Postpartum

  1. g2the4thpower says:

    You look great! We have the same problem, you and I – the postpartum posture slump. Btw, you may already know this but in case you don’t, my osteopath made sure to inform me I must become very strong in the pelvic floor before adding any abdominal exercises. The reason for this is that the abs will put more downward pressure on the pelvic floor unless it’s being brought up already, in which case it’ll help reinforce the strong pelvic floor instead of working against it. Good luck and have fun! I just got my 6 week *good to go * from my obgyn, so I’m looking forward to working out again too.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks! What do you mean my posture is great? Haha! To be honest, I think my posture has always been pretty bad but add the pregnancies and slouching all the time I think it is the worst ever. I plan on focusing on my transverse and pelvic floor first! Lindsay Brin has some good videos on you tube to get your core back safely. I got my 6 week go ahead yesterday and I am excited to get moving again.

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