Coen: 18 Month Update

DSC_0766 Coen’s 18 month Update

We had a rough few weeks after dropping to one nap and decided he wasn’t ready.  He would cry constantly as soon as I picked him up from daycare.  I am not sure if it was the teething or the change of the schedule but after two weeks we went back to two naps.  He is still our little goofball making us laugh with the silly things he does.

Height:  32ish inches

Weight: 28ish lbs

New This Month:

  •  Another molar has broke through
  • Waving goodbye
  • Pointing at everything saying “what’s that?”
  • First Haircut!


Likes:  Sitting quietly and “reading”, being read to, climbing up on things and trying to get on the couch, Curious George books and cartoon, being outside and running around, hiding in Grandma’s cabinets.

Dislikes: Not enough sleep, being off his schedule, not getting his way or not paying enough attention to him


Sleep:  He is sleeping 7:30 to 6:30 and we went back to two naps a day after a rough two weeks of .  His nap tends to be 2 hours.

Eating:  He has 3 meals a day and 3 snacks. He is not a fan of meat like chicken but he still loves avocados, eggs, yogurt and fruits

Clothes:  24 Month pants and 24 and 2T shirts.  24 month shirts are becoming too small for his torso.



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