4dp5dt ~ Deja Vu

FET #1 for Baby #2


Transfer went so smoothly on Monday.  We transferred one Grade A blast.  In the past with my retroverted cervix it has been painful and the Dr always struggles with getting the placement right.  The only time that it went this smoothly was when it actually worked…….but think pregnancy just changed things a bit and made it a little easier.  I am not stupid.  I have been in this position too many times.  I can’t compare this time to any other one.  I have cycles I was positive I was pregnant that I wasn’t and the one that worked that felt like other failed cycles.  I took the day of transfer off but decided to go back to work the day after.  I kind of wish I didn’t because that day ended up to be quite stressful.  My boss gave her notice which leaves me with one new guy that has been there a month and one other that was leaving two days after my boss and one person who hasn’t started yet.  The good thing is it will be an opportunity for me to grow before they decide what to do with the position.  I also have not been following orders as far as not lifting heavy items…Coen is almost 30lbs so there really is nothing I can do!

As far as symptoms, I have felt the normal progesterone ones…..on and off cramps, backache and random twinge or pulling feeling, sore boobs etc.  I have had these for negative cycles so I try not to obsess about them.  (haha! That’s a joke)  I did have a sharp pain or two in my uterus one night that woke me but that could have been anything.  The past day or two I haven’t felt much.  So now the question is when to test.  Tomorrow at 5dp5dt is when I got a positive with Coen and it is also our 4 year anniversary.  I don’t know if I should skip or test and know it is still early.  When you are a POAS addict it is really hard to wait…..

10 thoughts on “4dp5dt ~ Deja Vu

  1. Mrs D says:

    It is sort of funny since where I live we are not told to be on bedrest, not to lift heavy things etc. We are told not to matbe do aerobics the same day or go swimming. The time I got pregnant I was told to take long walks, in a comfy pace since that would stimulate a good bloodflow to the uterus. And as the midwife told me, if it was au natural there would be no restrictions after ovulation and it still works out 😉 so I would not worry about carrying Coen. I also cleaned the apartment fron top to bottom at the same period of time.

  2. Mrs D says:

    Ohh forgot to say I keep my fingers crossed for you! I remenber seeing the tests you posted when pregnant with Coen! I remember I was so happy for you but also a bit jealous 🙂

  3. Courtney says:

    Test at 5dp5dt! On my baby #2, I got a positive at 3.5dp5dt. I only tested though because I’d had implantation spotting and just had to know! If I hadn’t had that, I’d have waited until 5 our 6dp5dt. 😁

    Good luck!

  4. Jess says:

    So excited for you Kim, keeping my fingers, toes & legs crossed for you!!! (Please test can’t wait to obsess over some new lines!!!)

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