Coen: 17 Month Update

DSC_0733Coen’s 17 month Update

We had a rough week mid month where Coen had a bad respiratory cold.  Luckily my mom had the week off and was able to watch him.  He is very active now and keeps us on our toes.  He is definitely in need of a haircut soon.  What do you think?

Height:  31ish inches

Weight:  Almost 28lbs


New This Month:

  •  Molar that broke through
  • Saying Hi when he puts cell phone to ear
  • Saying ” I you” aka I love you
  • Jogging
  • Grabbing his things that we ask for like “Where’s your Brown Bear book?”
  • Being chased up and down the hallway again and again and again….

Likes:  Sitting quietly and “reading”, being read to, eating whatever we are eating, hanging out on the couch, Curious George books and cartoon, cuddling with his big brother Duncan


Dislikes: Not getting enough attention, being off his schedule, not getting his way, too long in his car seat, being sick, green beans but I give them to him anyway!


Sleep:  He is sleeping 7:30 to 6/6:30 and as of last Sunday now down to one nap at about 12:30/1.  His nap tends to be 2 hours.

Eating:  He has 3 meals a day and 3 snacks.  I just used the last bag of breast milk this week.  He still loves avocados, blueberries, cheese and yogurt.

Clothes:  18 Month pants and 24 month shirts.  Sleeves are a bit too long but 18 months don’t cover the belly!


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