1 Step forward 2 steps back

FET #4 Update

Life has been busy and a lot has happened in regards to starting our journey for #2.  In January, I finally got my period after 30 days of estrace and 10 days of provera.  It was just a reminder how much I dislike being on hormones but as always it’s just another thing you just have to deal with.  Over a week ago I got my meds and the FET was approved.  All I had to do is stop the BCPs and wait for AF to start the Estrace but now we (I) have another barrier……. Since I had Coen I have been dealing with some stomach issues.  I have always had digestive problems all my life but this was different.  I thought it was my gallbladder and had an ultrasound a few months ago to find out I just had some “sludge” or debri in my gall bladder.  It could be causing my problems but I figured I would deal with it as it was not necessary to have my gall bladder removed.  After a few weeks of more stomach issues, sleepless nights in pain and beginning to fear food I finally saw the Dr.   Long story short I also have elevated liver enzymes and have tested positive to having some autoimmune antibodies (Antinuclear Antibodies) in blood.  The two may or not be related but I have to go for a liver biopsy Thursday.

The FET is postponed until after the biopsy.  It wasn’t until I started typing this post a few days ago that I started to put two and two together.  I googled ANA positive and failed IVFs and found a ton of info.  This made me nauseous.  I am starting to wonder if this was my problem all along and the reason for failed implantation?  Oddly enough the time that actually took I did take Claritin and Benadryl which I had seen was an autoimmune protocol that some other women had done.  I figured it was worth a try.  I am not sure if this helped or it was just a coincidence.  All I know is I have one beautiful little miracle.   The problem is my heart selfishly aches for another and I am not so sure it is in the cards for us now depending on my diagnosis.  Even if things look good I wonder if I will continue to have failed cycles.  I am not ready to give up yet and until we figure out what is wrong I am trying to have faith.  We are already so blessed with one perfect little man.


5 thoughts on “1 Step forward 2 steps back

  1. nonsequiturchica says:

    I don’t think that it is selfish to want another child (this is coming from someone who is in the same IF boat and trying for a second a well). I hope you figure out what is going on soon! I love the picture of Coen- so cute!

  2. Alicia says:

    My wonderful hubby has MFI and I have immune/autoimmune issues. I would totally encourage you to speak with your RE about an immune/autoimmune protocol if they found ANA! I hope your FET goes well. And sorry to post so late; I just found your blog! Thank you for writing!

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