Coen: 15 Month Update

A super late update as Coen will be 16 months next week!  I have also been bad with taking pictures hence the not-so-great pics.

Coen’s 15 month Update

Little guy is now walking full time.  Over the past month he has enjoyed his second Christmas and spending time with family and friends.

Height:  30.5 inches

Weight:  a little over 26lbs


New This Month:

  • No new teeth but seems like he is working on getting some
  • Says “ACHOO”  when we ask “what does Sneezy say?”


Likes: Eating! Walking, talking, playing and terrorizing the dog, giving hugs, stacking, playing with blocks,

Dislikes: Car rides, diaper/outfit changes by Mommy, being tired



Sleep:  He is sleeping 7:30 to 6/6:30 and still napping at about 9:30/10 and 2:30/3.  A few times during the week he will skip a nap usually his second.  I just don’t feel he is quite ready to drop to one nap yet.

Eating:  He has 3 meals a day and 3 snacks.  We are offering milk in the morning, at some of his meals and a half hour before bed with a little snack.  We are still using up the frozen breast milk along with regular cow’s milk.  He has a wide variety of food and his favorites are still blueberries and avocados.

Clothes:  18-24 Month clothes, size 5 shoes


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