A Snowy Thanksgiving

I can’t believe my 5 day weekend is over! The only good thing about it is that my last day of provera is today.  I can’t wait to be done with these meds!  At least if I am going through a cycle I can tolerate the hormones knowing that transfer day would be coming.  Taking hormones just to get my body back to normal is no fun.

Thanksgiving Eve

Wednesday morning the snow starting falling.  I had the day off but I took the little guy to daycare so I could get some pre-Thanksgiving prep done.  I  ended up picking him up early because the roads were getting nasty.  After his second nap, I bundled him up and took him outside to play in the snow for the first time..so cute!!!



He loved when I put him in the sled and pulled him around.



Wednesday night the power went out but we have a generator so we stayed nice and warm….just didn’t sleep very well due to the noise.


Unfortunately, the power was not on Thanksgiving morning putting a damper on things because we were supposed to host.  Luckily my in-laws (who are in Arizona for the winter) never lose power and we decided to cook over there.  Coen enjoyed his first Thanksgiving meal despite having a very fussy day.  He does not like to be off his schedule.  I am such a schedule person so I can’t blame him!


We are still working on using utensils.  He hasn’t quite got the grasp of it yet.



My goal was to workout legs in the morning to help burn some of the calories I would be consuming but since we were grid locked from fallen trees I couldn’t make it to the gym.  Instead I kept my portions in check.  I did have a small slice of both apple and strawberry rhubarb pie though.


It is impossible to get Coen to smile or pay attention for any picture!


And when he does look he won’t smile on queue instead he decided to make farty noises.



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