Coen: 12 Month Update

Coen’s 12 month Update

One year… did this happen?  Baby boy has grown so much and is such a little man with his own personality.  I am so proud to be his mother.

Height:  Almost 30 inches

Weight:  24 lbs and 4 oz

Likes: Cruising, crawling, babbling, food, pulling himself up, walking with toy walker, clapping, waving and imitating what we do.

Dislikes: Car rides, diaper/outfit changes and taking his 12 month pics!  My husband had to hold him down to get them.



Sleep:  He has the same schedule as 11 months. He has two naps at about 9 and 2pm and sleeps from 7:30 to until 5-6:30.  Dropping the morning nursing has created an early riser but I hope he will go back to the norm once he adjusts.

Eating:   I started weaning at 11 months.  I dropped to feeding him 4 times a day and slowly started dropping my pumps at work.  A day before he turned a year I dropped down to nursing once a day.  The bedtime nursing will be the last to go and most likely the hardest on him (and me).  He has 3 meals a day and two snacks now.  We are offering milk (breast milk mostly) in the morning and once during the day.


Diapers:  We are on to size 4s.  We went through 190ish diapers this month.  I totally lost track of this! We did make it a whole year without buying diapers though.  I stocked up like crazy when pregnant and got a ton at my shower.

Clothes:  He is in 18 Month clothing!

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