FET #4 for Baby #2

FET # 4 and TTC #2 Update

Happy First week of October!  I can’t believe in less than 2 weeks my baby boy will be 1!  Picture is from one of our many outtakes of Coen for his birthday invites! 



It has been awhile since I have given any update besides Coen’s monthly ones but……a few weeks ago we had our first appointment for trying for baby #2! We have 3 frozen embryos so it makes sense to go that we use those first.  The RE said we have two day 5 and one day 6 embryos waiting for us.  I think it would be crazy to think of Coen having a brother or sister from the same IVF cycle.  I am excited and scared.  What if it doesn’t work a second time?  Are we ready?  How many tries do I try this before giving up? I still have not gotten my period so I think it may not show until I have completely weaned.  Our next steps….wean Coen….period shows, blood work and ultrasound and then once we are cleared we will start FET #4.  She mentioned we could start as early as January!  It was a January cycle that I got Coen but I am not expecting this to work the first time after what we went through.  We also have made the decision to only transfer one at a time.  In the past, we have done both one and two.  We just don’t want to risk twins but also know it could take that much longer.


I have a hefty stash of frozen milk so I decided to start weaning Coen at 11 months.  I am not sure how far it will get us but it will definitely bring us until after his first birthday.  Weaning is bittersweet and I never thought I would be this emotional about it. To be honest, I never thought I would make it this far or that it would be this hard hard to stop.  I sometimes wonder if I would be weaning if we weren’t planning on trying for another one.  I am ready to have my body completely back to me but I am going to miss it.  I hope he still wants to cuddle or still needs me as much as he does now.  I am sure our last time will bring tears and I am not sure I am quite ready for that yet.  Coen is down to 4 feedings a day.  Two bottles at daycare and I nurse him in the morning and at bedtime. Over the past few weeks I have dropped the daytime feedings.  I was pumping 5 times a day while I was away.  Last Friday I pumped for the last time at work.  I will not miss it at all.  I am holding strong at just nursing in the morning and at night.  I am not sure I am ready to drop these yet.  Weaning is far more emotional than I ever thought it would be but I also have this longing to give Coen a little brother or sister.  Again, this is all just a reminder of how we don’t have the luxury to just blink our eyes and be pregnant.  But it is what it is and I am willing to go through it all again because it was so worth it.

17 thoughts on “FET #4 for Baby #2

  1. Courtney says:

    Reading this is like reliving this time in our lives. Weaning because you have to (damn IF), thinking it won’t work on try #1 after a long struggle for baby #1 (ours worked the first try for baby #2), being so emotional about weaning (I still cry when i read my final nursing post). Ugh.

    But exciting too!

    Good luck!

  2. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

    Exciting times! Time flies way too fast…look forward to hearing updates about the FET! We became pregnant with twins for our FET!

  3. journeyformybaby says:

    What an adorable picture!! I had planned to do a picture of Tru with pumpkins for his first birthday invites but didn’t get it done.

    Exciting news about the FET! Make sure you keep us posted going forward. Weaning was becoming super emotional for me and I was just not sure how I was going to do it. I was so afraid that it might be my only breast feeding experience. That remains to be seen but my milk dried up when I got pregnant again and I didn’t want to nurse during pregnancy anyways. So great that you have a good freezer stash!!

  4. Mrs D says:

    I am reading all these blogs and I realize that Linus is almost 1 year too. But we are not planning for more kids. But the feeling of never having another kid makes me sad but still I am very happy with the three I got :). Be sure too keep us updated on both Coen and the FET!

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