Coen: 7 Month Update

Coen’s 7 month Update

I figured since Coen will be 8 Months next week I should at least post a quick 7 Month Update!


Height: 27.5ish

Weight:  20lbs 1 oz

Likes: Touching everything, drooling, his exersaucer and jumperoo, reaching out to us, rolling onto his belly, babbling, spending time outside, sitting up, walks.

Dislikes: Getting a third nap, being overtired, his infant carrier.  This month he decided it was much more interesting to be in the BOB on walks rather than in his infant carrier.  He is definitely a touchy baby when it comes to being overtired.




Sleep: Again this has been all over the board.  After we sleep trained he started sleeping great and then all of a sudden he started waking at 3-4am again.  When we introduced solids he started waking more and more.

Eating:  Introducing solids became an issue with his belly so we backed off.  He still eats every 2-3 hours as of 7 months.




Diapers:  We are still in 3’s.  We went through 174ish diapers this month.

Clothes:  Mostly 6-9 Month clothing.



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