Mind and Body after Baby: Month 6

6 Month Update

The past week or two have had some rough nights.  No sleep and being sick are not a good combo but I have finally decided to take pics for this post.  Yawn.  I wrote most of this last month so although some of my feelings or thoughts have changed I want to still post this because it was what I felt at the time.


This month was very trying because I was being pushed at work with a ton of new responsibilities.  we also went through some sleep training after weeks of the baby up multiple times a night.  The past month I fought with myself about stopping breastfeeding.  It began to really become difficult because I wasn’t sleeping and my supply started to drop after I was sick.  I really hate pumping and if I was with him all the time I feel like it would be easier.  I wouldn’t stress about getting enough for daycare and then adding extra sessions if I didn’t get my magic number.  I did not stop though and I made it to my goal of 6 months!  I have not decided when I will stop and I go back and forth all the time.  I have been stressed to the max with my new role at work.  I have a ton of projects, meetings and work and I have been feeling a little like I am a bad mom.  I feel guilty I can’t be with him 24/7 and the other day when I picked him up from daycare I started to wonder does he still know I am his mom? It is heartbreaking thinking that.  Lately I miss him so much during the day and I would give anything just to snuggle with him.

I decided since it has been half a year (I don’t know where the time went) that I would do a comparison from the first month!  I really see a lot of the weight loss in my face.  My body has definitely changed and my old body at this weight was much different.  I am very proud to see how far I have come.  I am 6lbs below pre-pregnancy weight and my goal is to lose probably another 2-4lbs.  At that point I am going to focus more on how clothes fit and building muscle rather than the number on the scale.

1 Month Postpartum

Blog 1 month front

vs 6 Months Postpartum

Blog front

1 Month Postpartum

Blog 1 month

vs 6 Months Postpartum

Blog side


Measurements month 6

Goals for month 7:  The usual…start running and sign up for 5k.  This has been on the backburner but now it is (somewhat) nice I can take the jogging stroller out for run!

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