Coen: 6 Month Update


Coen’s 6 month Update

Little guy turned six months!!!  I can’t believe that it has been half a year.  It is scary!  He is so aware of everything now.  I am really loving this age.  He is such a little character.

Height: 27 inches.  He seems to be getting so long!

Weight: 18lbs 12oz.  I was a little concerned he only gained 1.5lbs from 4 months.  I am wondering if maybe we should have started solids earlier.


Likes: Touching everything, drooling, his exersaucer, reaching out to us, rolling onto his belly.

Dislikes: Getting his last nap in and his car seat.  Lately he is getting crankier and crankier when in the carseat.  I think he is bored and wants to look outside!



Sleep:  Right before he turned 5 months we switched him from Rock n Play to the crib which has led to even more night wakings.  After many sleepless nights, we decided to try Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit which really helped.  He started sleeping better for the most part with occasional night wakings.  Towards the end of 5 months he started to actually fall into a schedule with naps! YAY!   We wake him at 6:30am and he naps at daycare around 8:30/9 and 12:30/1.  He naps anywhere from an hour to two hours.  At home his naps are much shorter unfortunately.  We can sometimes can get him to take a third nap at home or have him fall asleep in car but it is getting harder and harder.  He then goes to bed around 7-7:30 depending on last nap.

Eating: He is eating at about every 2-3 hours during the day.  I try to push it more to 3 hours on the weekends and he seems fine with it.  I sometimes wonder if he could be moved to 3-4 hours and do alright.  Maybe we could try that next month.  We also introduced rice cereal the last week but found he woke up screaming when we did.  So we held till we could try oatmeal.



Diapers:  We have finished up the last size twos early this month and now are in threes! We went through 214ish diapers this month.  We seemed to have a lot more blowouts this month so lots of laundry to do.

Clothes:  He was in a mix of 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes.  I don’t have a ton of winter 6-9 month clothes so I tried extending his stay in the 3-6 month ones.  They are definitely too small for him but what can you do.



5 thoughts on “Coen: 6 Month Update

  1. Courtney says:

    Chubby babies don’t need to gain like “normal” babies. We had the same concern with Bryson and our doc said that chubby babies plateau sooner than thin babies. That has held true for Bryson who has only gained 1 pound in 3-4 months. Not a problem when he’s 23 pounds at 9 months!

    coen is super cute!

  2. spiteorflight says:

    Gus only gained 1.5lbs from 4 months too, but he got two inches taller. The doc wasn’t concerned at all. He said as long as height and/or weight is going up everything is fine but he did tell me to increase the solids now that he’s on the move more and burning more calories.

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