Coen: 5 Month Update

I am really late this time!

Coen Update

Hard to believe he is getting close to a half year old.  Where does the time go?  I swear I blink and he gets bigger.  Four months brought some tough nights and lots of development and growth.    This month he has really got his eye hand coordination.  He loves to grab toys and shake them.  He discovered his feet and loves to rip off his socks.  He also rolled over (back to front) for the first time ten minutes before mommy picked him up from daycare!

Height: Not sure we will find out next month!

Weight:  I would say at least 18lbs!


Likes: Drooling!  We have to put a bib on him because he is always drooling these days.  Still loving the the floor mat, kicking objects and being cranky most nights!  He spends some time in both the exersaucer and jumperoo.  Loves to laugh and smile.

Dislikes:  Tummy time still although he has great neck control now and can really lift his head up.



Sleep:  He had a few weeks of more than usual night wakings.   I am not sure if it was a cold, four month sleep regression, a growth spurt or just what but it left me tired and run down.  Right before he turned 5 months we switched him from Rock n Play to the crib which has led to even more night wakings.  I will update more on that at 6 months!

Eating: He is eating at about every 2-3 hours during the day.  No change there.  We have not introduced any solids even though my mom swears it will make him sleep through the night!  We plan on starting at 6 months….possibly a little earlier if we feel he is ready.


Diapers:  We have finished up the last size twos and will now start with size 3s.  We went through 182ish diapers this month.

Clothes:  He is still 3-6 month clothes because we have a lot of winter stuff but his shirts are starting to look like muscle shirts so we will be washing the 6-9 months soon.



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