Coen: Four Month Update

Coen Update

Coen is now four months!  He had his four month appointment and he is still growing at a great rate.   He did not have an easy time with the shots like he did at 2 months!  He seemed to be in a lot of pain that night.  This month we dealt with a lot of fussiness and also a lot of developmental growth.  Every week he does something new!  These little ones are so amazing.

Height: 25.5 inches

Weight: 17lbs and 3 oz.  Love my big baby!


Likes: Drooling!  We have to put a bib on him because he is always drooling these days.  Still loving the the floor mat, kicking objects and being cranky most nights!

Dislikes:  Tummy time still although he has great neck control now and can really lift his head up.


Sleep:  He is all over the place with sleep.   Some weeks this month he slept through the night and some nights he would be up around 3ish hungry.

Eating: He is STILL eating at about every 2-3 hours.  I asked the pedi about this and she says it is normal.  She also said we could now introduce some rice cereal if we felt he is ready. I’m not sure if I’m not ready or he isn’t but I don’t think we will be doing that until at least 5-6 months.

Diapers:  We are finishing up the last size twos and will probably be moving on to 3’s in Month 5.  We went through 192ish diapers this month.  Still been slacking on keeping track but it is hard with daycare.

Clothes:  He is still 3-6 month clothes and I think he could start to fit 6-9 months soon.  So sad to move on to a new size.  It makes me realize how quickly he is growing!


I really am starting to get some momma guilt with lack of updates in baby book, not writing all the new things he does down, and how he changes every month. Life is so busy but that is no excuse.  In case there is a #2 and even if not I want to remember every moment.  I have been thinking about getting a notebook and just writing an entry every few days so I can keep track.  Slow down time, please!


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