Mind and Body after Baby: Month 4

Of course about a few weeks late again but pics and stats are from 4 months!


Another whirlwind of a month.  In my mind, I keep thinking Coen is 3 months for some reason.  This will be a short post because to be honest I have momma mind and I don’t even recall how I have felt this past month!  I fell back into a funk after starting the year of with great motivation.  I think I am over that hump again but it is hard to keep up the momentum.  Working mom is tough and the is so little time to get everything I need to get done like writing posts.  I do feel back to myself almost 100% though.  Almost like I never even was pregnant!

Body (Please ignore the cheesy pics):

I am still happy with my weight loss each  month.  I lost 2.6lbs this month but saw some nice decreases in measurements!  I think slow, steady weight loss is lasting weight loss so even if I am only losing half a pound I week I am happy! Pics don’t show a big difference each month but I bet if I compared them to the first month I would see big changes.  I feel like my belly needs the most work.  I am back to and a little below pre-pregnancy weight but there is still extra weight around the belly that hopefully will improve with time and exercise.

Here are some more post workout pics that are less than flattering……

3 Month Postpartum


vs 4 Months Postpartum





Measurements month 4

Goals for month 4: My goals for this  month are to start increasing weight when lifting and really push myself.  I need to start adding in some steady state cardio aka jogging because we will be doing that 5k next month and I am not prepared!

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