Post Baby Mind & Body Update: Month 3

Of course about a few weeks late again but pics and stats are from 3 months!


As I said in Coen’s post, this month flew faster than the last two.  The holidays are always so busy and I kept dreading knowing I was back to work soon.  The first day back was pretty awful.  It was go go go.  I felt defeated by the time I got home.  Between the emotions of leaving the little one and trying to give it my all at work I was drained.  Pretty sure there was a moment that I was ready to just give up and wanted to just walk out but I made it through.  I will try and do a day in the life post of a working mom.  It is so much harder than I expected.  There really is no down time during the week.  From the second I wake in the morning to when I go to bed I am non stop.

The little me time I had before has decreased even more.  I am alright with that but it just takes some adjusting.  I really need to work on trying not to do everything.  I have a hard time accepting help even from my husband.  Apparently I am always trying to prove I can do everything myself and I don’t know why.  I have also found that the past 2 years before getting pregnant I focused 90% of my energy towards getting pregnant and then while pregnant I focused all my energy into making sure I had a healthy baby and that we were prepared for him.  I now feel that I can finally focus some of this energy on me now.  I really want to focus on doing my best at work and really proving myself.

Body (Please ignore the cheesy pics):

I was really frustrated with my body this month.  I did not see any changes till about 3 weeks into the month.  The scale was stuck and there were no changes in how things were fitting.  I was recording what I was eating but it was hard to keep my calories in check during all the holidays.  All of a sudden it was January and between the new year, stress of knowing I will be going back to work and really watching what I was eating the scale started moving.

I dropped almost 3 pounds this month and only a 2lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight!  It feels so good to finally start seeing changes again.  My belly is still squishy and hips are much wider but I feel like the rest of me is back to normal.  To be honest, I am not sure my stomach or hips will ever go back to what they were but that is alright with me.  I still feel like with more fat loss I can achieve that flat stomach once again.  Much to my surprise I have found that my cardio is actually way better than what it used to be.  I have much more endurance and I think it is because I was in such great shape carrying around that extra weight when pregnant.  I haven’t been running but will need to start because my husband and I are set out to run a 5k come March.  A little St. Patty’s day run which will end at the bar for a victory drink.  This will be our first 5k and I have to admit I am not much of a runner.  Being only 5’1 I have little legs and definitely not a runner’s body.  I am slow and awkward but that is just fine as long as I finish it.

I took these after a workout so don’t mind the fact that I’m a sweaty mess.  The angle of the camera is a little different but my stomach has definitely become a little flatter this past month.  I also feel like my arms are just beginning to get some definition.

Two Months Postpartum

Three Months Postpartum


Two Months Postpartum

Three Months Postpartum


Measurements month 3

Goals for month 4: I managed to actually meet all of last months goals so that means I owe myself something special.  I am thinking a pullup bar or a new jump rope because the one at the gym is awful.  This months goals are to keep up the cardio, start doing some running, eat more veggies and eat when hungry not when bored.  I also want to start lifting heavier.  I toned it down a bit when I first started lifting after the baby from what I usually did just to ease into it.  I want to start setting some personal records for myself like pushups, pullups (can hardly do one anymore), how much I can squat, run, etc.


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