It’s Official……Due on My Birthday!

Tuesday was a great day.  We had our NT Screening Ultrasound and it was our first meeting with the OB.  The place I am going seems to be a bit unorganized, as far as the receptionist communicating to Dr.’s and nurses, but all the people there are really nice and I especially love the midwife I met last week.  The ultrasound went well.  She was having a hard time getting measurements because the little one was napping.  She kept poking at him/her and finally he/she woke up.  The baby started bouncing around and she could finally get the measurements which was all under the 2.5mm that they like to see.  It was a relief and it was great to see the baby again.  This was the first time the hubby saw the baby all active.  Once we waited a good 30 minutes to see the OB she came in, asked some questions, did some measurements and tried the doppler and within seconds we heard the baby’s heartbeat!  She said at this point the miscarriage risk is so low that we should feel confident to tell the world!  I think hearing that made us both feel like wow this could really be it.  We have decided to tell the rest of our family either this weekend or next.  They finally got my original ultrasounds back and notes from the fertility clinic which put my official due date on my birthday October 20th! I know that the chance that the baby will be born on the actual due date is so low but what an amazing birthday present I am getting.  I love the fall and October.  I think it is the perfect time for our little one to be born.


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