MIA ~ 10 weeks

I have been MIA lately.  I just feel like I have been holding my breath since I had the positive test.  Finally, I feel like I am getting closer and closer to the safe zone!  I will be 11 weeks tomorrow (going by transfer day).  My due date is still up in the air.  The OB office still haven’t gotten my ultrasounds from the clinic.  They said once they get them they will use the 8 week one to date the pregnancy.  It will probably be the day of my birthday or a few days before.  Best birthday gift ever!  I had my first appointment at the OB’s office.  I saw the midwife and I am so happy with her.  We had a really good connection.  After spending a year with my RE,  I was sad to go.  I had the normal exam, pap etc.  She said she would try the doppler to see if we could hear a heartbeat.  Of course I was all for this but after 3-4 minutes and not hearing anything I started freaking out.  My midwife could tell I was anxious and said she was going to go grab the portable ultrasound machine.  She said I would see that baby some way or another.  She brought it in and found the little one quickly.  We saw the beautiful heart beating and he/she was jumping around in there.  It was such a relief.  Since then I feel like this finally may be it….our take home baby.  Next week is the NT Scan and I will make sure to post the u/s pics after.  Soon enough I will have to start posting bump pictures as well.  I have lost a lot of muscle from not lifting but my weight is probably still the same.  So I may have gained a pound or two.

I have been struggling with food still.  I feel great when I eat clean but lately I have been giving in to the cravings, having lots of food with gluten and then find myself sick for days after.  I decided I just need to accept I can’t tolerate that food and I need to do what is best for the baby.  Having a treat here or there is fine it’s the overindulging that gets to me! I have been walking or occasionally doing the elliptical.  I do not want to take any risks and I am looking forward to the second trimester when I can really get back to my normal (modified) routine.   I have been doing this workout from Ashley’s blog.  It is perfect because I can adjust the incline accordingly depending how I am feeling.

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