Back on the wagon…..

……the healthy eating wagon.  This weekend started with a bit of a eat-a-thon.  Let’s face it the past few weeks have been bad for me eating wise.  I haven’t been doing so great since all the spotting started.  I tend to go right towards food when I get lots of stress in my life.  Doug has lost a lot of weight on weight watchers but for some reason Friday we both felt like really splurging.  We went to the grocery store and bought gigantic cupcakes.  After the cupcakes came popcorn and a Kit Kat bar and then it hit me……This is disgusting.  I don’t mind cheating here and there but I was eating to the point of feeling sick.  So after that last Kit Kat I made a goal to really focus on what I am eating.  I am not only supporting myself but our baby.  I need to start eating healthy and sensibly again.

  choc cupcake

Saturday night we went out for my best friend’s 30th birthday.  I said I was driving and had a paper due so I wouldn’t be drinking.  All true.  We were home before midnight but we were up early Sunday morning because of the “tap dancing.”  We have hard wood floors so when Duncan is up he paces back and forth to each side of the bed till one of us either lets him out or tells him to go lie down.  Since we were both up we decided to go out to breakfast.  There was a place we hadn’t gone for breakfast yet so we gave it a try.  The hubby was nursing a hangover and ordered Crab Cakes Benedict.  I had a bite it was good just seemed really fishy to me.  It came with sweet potato dots which were served with maple syrup.  Yum!


I was good and ordered veggie egg white omelet with fruit and English Muffin dry.  I devoured the omelet but was so stuffed I only had a half of one of the English Muffins.  From here on out I really want to focus on good foods with lots of variety.  I feel like being a bit more adventurous. It must be the pregnancy because typically I could eat the same thing day in and day out.

egg white omelette

One thought on “Back on the wagon…..

  1. marwil says:

    Oh yum, I love to make the egg white omelette, feels like a healthy and filling choice. Good for you to get back to healthy eating, it’s so easy to let it slide.
    Glad to hear all is well with your pregnancy despite the spotting.

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