Spotting Scare

I had a spotting scare yesterday. As soon as I noticed it I called the clinic and left a message.  I also had mild cramping.  All I could think about was that I was losing the baby.  I didn’t get a call back for about an hour and she just told me to take it easy, no heavy lifting and she would leave a note for the Dr.  I finally started to relax when the spotting went away but still feeling mildly crampy.  I know spotting can be normal in early pregnancy but it doesn’t make it any less stressful.  I will be going in for beta #3 tomorrow and I am hoping my number looks good.  At that point they will give me a date for an ultrasound.

Yesterday and today I woke up to more snow!

More Snow

After the spotting scare, I hit the couch and barely moved from it and then hubby came home with these!


For dinner we had scallops, lamb, asparagus and butternut squash all made by my love.  I took a picture of his plate. The piece of lamb I had was well done and to be honest grossed me out.  I must be getting some food aversions because even thinking about the smell and taste of lamb  is making me sick to my stomach.  Ewww even this picture is making me nauseous.  The scallops were amazing though.  Sat Night Dinner

And this morning I woke up and made myself oatmeal pancakes with a little bit of Sunbutter and syrup.  They were so good.  The only problem when I make oatmeal pancakes over regular oatmeal is I am starving 2 minutes later. It’s kind of like Chinese food.  I wanted to start my morning with something on the healthy side.  The past few weeks I have been overindulging in lots of bad food.  Going back to being good today!

Pancakes 2

3 thoughts on “Spotting Scare

  1. road2ourbaby says:

    Ugh, I know how scary it is. I had a lot of spotting in the beginning, and even a few scary episodes where it was a lot more than that, but everything turned out okay. It’s hard, but try to stay calm! Hopefully everything will be just fine.

  2. Mrs D says:

    I know spotting can be scary, I had them with my daughter and that turned out to work just fine! I will keep my fingers crossed and I just know your beta today will show great numbers!!

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