Countdown is On….1dp5dt

FET #3 Update

Yesterday was transfer day and it was probably the best transfer I have had yet!   They were late as usual in the clinic and they had us come in and wait in the area where the retrieval patients were.  I heard the nurse talking to the only retrieval patient of the day saying it was a busy day with all the transfers and the women says I hope all those transfers end up with great results to start the week off right.  I thought it was such a selfless comment.  How many woman can just come out of retrieval and be wishing a bunch of other women will get pregnant?

I really was the perfect transfer.  I have a retroverted uterus so they usually have trouble getting the catheter just right.  This time it took one try and the 2 blasts were transferred.   He said we hit the “jackpot” with the two expanding blasts.  But it isn’t the first time he has said this but I don’t care because I have hope that this will be the one.  I have been a couch potato yesterday and today and will try to keep it a low key, easy weekend.  I feel very relaxed this time.  Maybe it is because I have been through this so many times, maybe I know it will work or maybe I just haven’t gotten to my typical breakdown time of 4-5dp5dt.  Only time will tell.  Beta is a week from Saturday and I just hope I get some sign of implantation like the flutters I got last time. I really, really hope this is it!

FET 3 Embryos

15 thoughts on “Countdown is On….1dp5dt

  1. immotileturtle says:

    Excellent news. Keep this fabulous state of calm and enjoy this first blissful few days when testing is not even a temptation. I too have a retroverted uterus & my transfer was rather unpleasant, I wondered if that was why. Sending you sticky vibes xxx

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