Transfer Day Confirmed….next Wednesday!

FET #3 Update

I had the lining check yesterday and my lining was 8.2 which was good enough to start me on the progesterone.  I started last night and this morning I feel like I got hit by a Mack truck I am so tired.   I have been doing alright on the Estrace.  There have been no late night searching for whoopie pies so that is a good thing.  I have just been extremely tired and have had on and off headaches.  Of course feeling like I have PMS x 100 is not exactly fun but I have made it through before I can make it through again.  Just hoping the hubby and the dog can deal with my crankiness for a few more weeks or hopefully months.  I had Monday off for the holiday but for some reason this week felt long but also flew by at the same time.  Does that even make sense?

I keep going back and forth whether I have hope for this cycle or not.  One second I feel like this could be finally it and then the other times I feel like that we have done it four times before so why would this one result in a different outcome?   I do keep thinking back of that one very light positive I had…..and then I second guess myself thinking maybe it was just an evap line or something.  I have lot’s of things coming up in a few months which is why it would be perfect for this one to work.  We wouldn’t have to worry about another fresh IVF and dishing out 5K for PGD testing.  We have a wedding in April in Nashville and my brother’s wedding in Vegas in May.  We are also considering putting our house on the market all while going through IVF, taking a class and trying to stay sane!  Just been feeling a lot of weight on my shoulders.

The good news is transfer is this Wednesday! I can’t believe it is finally here.  I will be taking off Wednesday and Thursday to just sit on my butt and let the little one(s) snuggle in.  I am excited and scared all at the same time.  Now I just need this weekend to fly by and Wednesday to be here!





11 thoughts on “Transfer Day Confirmed….next Wednesday!

  1. Courtney says:

    Good luck! Having a transfer date always helped me focus! I understand your thinking, but statistically, this is going to work and I choose to believe it’s THIS time!

  2. hopefulandhungry says:

    How many frozen embryos did you have from your last fresh cycle to be on FET #3? I think FETs are so much easier than fresh cycles. I really hope this time works for you! Try to enjoy the weekend as much as you can, Wednesday will be here before you know it. xoxo

    • Kim says:

      We had 3 frozen from IVF #1 and 5 frozen from IVF #2. We have 5 left frozen now. We did one eSET and this last one we transferred 2. So this will be our 5th transfer total. I am pretty much a professional IVFer now!

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