Reflection on the Year

It has been quite the snowy week.  We had our last holiday get together on Saturday which made for a messy ride home during the snow but the end of the holidays means the beginning of a new year!

snow dec 31 2012

I am ready to welcome 2013.  I have been thinking back on all that has happened in this past year and I am amazed how busy it was.

The Negative

I have been through a LOT this year.  I have endured 2 IVFs, 2 FETs, 2 SHGs, a HSG, a biopsy, hysteroscopy, hundreds of injections, more blood draws and ultrasounds then I can count, spent thousands of dollars on meds, had bruises and welts caused by these meds, had many days of tears and pain, made  it through the birth of lots of babies of close friends and family, baby showers, gained an extra ten pounds, dealt with hurtful comments, saw one very faint positive pregnancy test that lasted one day and took four horrible calls with negative betas.  Too many times I am too hard on myself.   Reflecting back on this year made me realize how strong I am and what it takes to keep going. It also made me realize this struggle is only temporary (I hope) and that I am not ready to give up yet.   I made it through all of this I can keep on truckin’.

The Positive

In the past year there have been many good things that have happened.  I have seen a strength in my marriage that many don’t have,  gained a great friend, became project manager of a big project at work, received my Masters in Information Technology, got accepted and began taking classes for my MBA, saw my best friend become a mother and gained many great “nieces” and a “nephew,” found out how much courage I have, realized what is important in life, started seeing a counselor, made working out a habit, connected to lots of women and men going through infertility through blog land and of course I started this BLOG.

Here is to a New Year and great things to come. Happy New Year!


10 thoughts on “Reflection on the Year

  1. talesofacautiousoptimist says:

    Happy New Year! You certainly had quite the year…I would say you are quite amazing to come out of 2012 so positive after everything you’ve been through. I’m wishing you great things in 2013 to reward your strength, stamina, and positivity!

  2. Geochick says:

    Happy New Year! You managed to accomplish a lot in-between all your treatments. Congratulations on getting your master’s degree and good luck on the MBA.

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