Happy Christmas Eve

It has been awhile since my last post.  Nothing much has happened except maybe an extra 5lbs that I have packed on between the holiday parties, birth control and stress.  I am just ready for this all the be over.  The holidays and all the meds, procedures and lack of control over my own life.  Am I a grinch?  Well probably but really want the holidays to be over so we can be that much closer to baby.  Thursday is the hysteroscopy so no food after midnight Wednesday and surgery is at 1:15pm.  Maybe the no food thing will be good because I am having trouble finding anything that fits.  I wonder if it was the 20 cookies I ate the other day.  I made soft mint chocolate cookies with Andes Creme de Menthe bits.


They were so good but I probably ate half the batch and I am feeling it today as my pants are extra tight.  I also made a veggie Christmas Tree that I had seen on pinterst.  It came out pretty good and it is always a good idea to bring a healthy dish to any party so you can have something good to snack on.


I have been working out like crazy but have definitely been eating much more than I am burning.  I will be happy to get back to a schedule again.  I have also come to realize me and breads don’t mix and that sugar is very addictive.  Two things I need to begin to avoid in this next year.  I get too many tummy troubles with bread and once I have a little sugar I can’t stop myself.  I am much better when I just avoid.  Really thinking I should check with the doc about some sort of gluten or wheat intolerance.  We celebrated Christmas with hubby’s fam yesterday and will again with his extended family tonight.  Tomorrow we will have our own little Christmas in the morning and go to my sister’s place for brunch and mimosas with my mom.  We won’t be doing presents with my family till next Saturday.  My brother is a pilot so he rarely has Christmas off. Before we know it 2013 will be here and we will be starting FET #3.  Lucky #3.  Happy Christmas Eve!

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