First day of December….

After the bad news I cracked open a bottle of wine.  I also ate a bunch of crap food and went to bed early.  My plan was to wake up and go to the gym but I forgot I had to work this morning.

wine chrismas decor

When I woke on this fine day in December it was snowing.  It looked beautiful out.  So peaceful.  Duncan loves the snow.  If you notice he is starting to get grey under the chin.  My poor baby is getting older.

Duncan in snow

I plan to get going on a new workout routine.  I always feel when I get a new one it gets me excited to go back to the gym.  To be honest I am tired.  My body is tired.  It has been through a lot this past year.  I am going to listen to it and take it easy today….unless I get some crazy boost of energy.  Maybe a CAFFEINATED coffee would do the trick.  Yes, I can finally have caffeine again.  I also plan on searching for some new recipes.  I like to cook in bulk on Sundays for the week.  Then when I get home from work I don’t have to stress about making something.  I think I need to go out shopping for some Christmas decor for our mantle soon.  It is looking quite pathetic with just two cheap stockings hanging.  I also need to decide whether I am going to take a class next semester. I took this one off.  Can you tell I am trying to fill my head with anything not TTC related?  Oh and for the record….yes I know I have not updated my age yet from 29 to 30 in the about me.  I am just not ready to admit I am in my 30’s.  Happy December!

4 thoughts on “First day of December….

  1. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian says:

    I’m so sorry to hear things didn’t work out with this try, but I’m sending you good vibes for whatever your next course of action is!

    By the way, those pics are beautiful! I love the wine glass with the ornaments in the background and both have such a magical wintery quality to them.

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