A unique gift and good news…….

My friend who knows what we are going through gave me a very special gift for my birthday.  It is a dream box.  I have never heard of one before and although I typically don’t believe in these types of things thought it would still be nice to try.  You put your fondest dream or greatest desire on a piece of paper and put it in the dreambox.  You put the dreambox next to your bed and are supposed to hold it every night and every morning.  Who knows maybe it will work and I will see that BFP at the end of November!!!

FET #2 Update

Yesterday was quite stressful.  I went in for blood work and ultrasound at 6:45am.  There was no change so I knew the cycle would either be cancelled or converted to a medicated cycle.  Typically the clinic calls me between 12-2pm with the results but they have till 5:30 to call.  So I wait….and wait…4pm rolls around and still nothing.  I end up calling and leaving a message.  I didn’t hear from anyone until 4:45. Great news….they are putting me on estrace 1mg twice a day and I go back in on Monday for another ultrasound and more blood work.  If my lining is at least 8mm than I will start PIO and transfer would be 5 days after.  SO I could be doing transfer as early as next Friday!  I am not getting too excited because 1mg is pretty low and I may not be up to 8mm by then.  Yesterday my lining was at 6.5mm.  I still can’t believe we are so close to another transfer.  It has been 2 months since my last transfer and it has felt like 2 years.  Transfer day just get here soon!

13 thoughts on “A unique gift and good news…….

    • Kim says:

      Thanks! I am a little nervous for Monday’s appointment but I know if lining is not what they want it will just be extended a little longer., Imagine that more waiting!

    • Kim says:

      I am hoping it brings me luck…hoping anything gives me luck. Also, hoping it has been just bad luck for the past 3 failed cycles and this one will bring us that BFP!

    • Kim says:

      Definitely need lots of positive energy. One would think I would be getting used to all of this since this will be my 4th transfer but nerves are probably even worse this time!

  1. cindysn says:

    are you doing it vaginally or orally? Vaginally will give be more effective…I was on 2mg 2x a day and it increased to 7.6 in about a week but I respond slowly…good luck!!!

  2. Denielle says:

    First off, thanks for posting your blog for me on FF. I’m excited to learn about your journey and wish the best of the luck with the transfer. I have lining issues, so I’m interested to learn more about that from your blog. Best wishes! xo

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