2nd Monitoring Appointment….not the news I wanted to hear

FET #2 Update

I woke up this morning nervous for my ultrasound.   The results…..not good.  My follicle did not increase in size and my lining actually went down.  Why? Because someone wants to see how far they can push me before I have a meltdown!  Actually, I have no clue what is going on or what will happen from here.  I am assuming my body is still off because of the failed IVF.  I have always had normal cycles.  I would ovulate late but always get my period every 32ish days.   I think this could go three ways 1) They will tell me to come back in three days and see if there is any improvement 2) They will cancel the cycle and I will do a medicated cycle in December or 3) they will switch me to a medicated cycle. I chose not to do medicated because last time the estrogen did a number on me.


I became severely depressed, distressed and ended up putting on 8lbs that cycle from these insane cravings.  I wanted to go natural this time but more than anything I want a baby so I will suck it up if I have to.  It’s appointments like these that are the hardest.  I want to cry.  I want to give up. I want my life back. But……I won’t give up yet.  Now I wait for the call….

18 thoughts on “2nd Monitoring Appointment….not the news I wanted to hear

  1. Courtney says:

    Oh, Kim, I’m sorry to hear this. I have always wished I could do natural FET cycles, but have been reading stories lately like this where the gal’s body just does not cooperate. I never had an issue with estrogen, but did with lup.ron. I think it’s so interesting how some hormones affect some women and not others.

    I hope you get good news, but if you don’t, we’ll all focus on the next cycle for you!

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