SHG and Biopsy Hell

This morning I went in for a SHG and an endometrial biopsy.  I knew what I was in for since it was my second SHG but did not realize how painful the biopsy was going to be.  I consider myself to have a pretty high threshold for pain but this was miserable.  She did the SHG first and then it was time for the biopsy.  The first one (she ended up taking 3 biopsies) I flinched so bad the Dr asked me what I felt.  I said “Ummm pain.”   At the end I sat up and then it hit…..that feeling that your going to pass out.  I was nauseous, sweating bullets and felt myself drifting away.  I told her that I was dizzy and laid back down.  The nurse asked if I wanted to take my sweatshirt off and I had it part way off when everything went black.  If you have never passed out before you are lucky.  It is the worst feeling.  After I came through I was clammy as hell and my head felt like I got kicked in the head.  To make things better…..I asked about my blood work and come to find out the clinic I went to get my blood work had no information on me.  It was as if I never got it done.  So now I have to redo my karyotype blood work tomorrow and have to wait another cycle so I can do my CD3 lab work because the old ones expired.  So we are now looking at a December FET.  On a good note….Doug got his blood work at the clinic so he actually got his results back….Normal!  So we are happy with that.

I still feel out of it, anxious and a little down from everything that happened this morning.  So I am going to post a pretty pic Doug took the other day to make this post a little more upbeat.

22 thoughts on “SHG and Biopsy Hell

  1. Kristin says:

    Hello from ICLW! I’m so sorry you had a rough time with the biopsy. I’ve read another bloggers’ account of an awful biopsy, too! Ouch! Good luck on your FET in December!

  2. Maria says:

    Hi back from ICLW! Thanks for visiting my blog. Um, “ouch” is a total understatement…I’m so so sorry you had to go through all of that! Wishing you much luck in December and your journey to balance. Can I just say, the sunflower photo is awesome, but I’m kinda crushin’ on Duncan. He’s friggin’ awesome. 🙂

  3. immotileturtle says:

    Pretty pic! Poor you, I got like that with my embryo transfer to a lesser extent & have vowed not to do another without being medicated!! This shit sucks, go and do something awesome for yourself x

  4. Shelley D says:

    Hi from ICLW. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have my SHG in the morning and I hope it’s not too bad. I’m sorry your biopsy was so painful. Hope you’re feeling better!

  5. marwil says:

    Ugh, how horrible. I’m known to pass out, especially with needles and blood involved. In fact I am surprised it hasn’t happen more times during this cray IF journey with all the poking with needles and procedures. It is an awful feeling and you just know you have hit the limit for ‘going back’ and taking control over your body again. I’m glad to hear you feel a bit better today though.

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