Good News, Wine and Popcorn….

After the BAD news I got yesterday I thought I would post some good news.

Good News

I found out I got an A in my Business Law class! This is my first class for my MBA.  I just finished my masters in Information Technology in April and with everything going on I thought it would be good for my mind to just keep going.  Also, I got a letter from the clinic that they froze 5 blasts this cycle not 3!  So that means we have 7 frosties waiting for us.  We will most likely be a Frozen Embryo Transfer this next round.  I am not sure if it will be medicated or natural but it probably won’t be till November.


A bottle of wine (don’t mind the greasy, popcorn fingerprints)…..

and 2 bags of popcorn (Gross!)

After “dinner” I was craving something sweet so I tried to throw together a concoction to make a single serving cake.

I didn’t let it cook enough so it was a bit flat but I threw some cool whip and chocolate sauce on it and it was pretty good!

I spent my night sort of watching Season 1 of Game of Thrones but was updating my playlist for the gym  in the morning so I wasn’t totally paying attention.  I love to multitask!  Duncan did what he does best.  Sleep!

7 thoughts on “Good News, Wine and Popcorn….

  1. immotileturtle says:

    That is fantastic news. And what a dinner! I has chocolate chip shortbread for lunch yesterday. I ate an entire box to myself. I said it was my last indulgence before transfer… And I’m going to try to stick to that! X

  2. expecting to be expecting says:

    Relish, ESP that wine 🙂

    GreT news about school and the frosties, that’s a lot of peace of mind.

    GoT is perfect for multitasking to cuz no matter what at some point you’re gonna look up and see boobs.

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