3dp5dt and 4dp5dt


I was up early this morning with a stomach ache and cramps.  Could be the fact that dinner was popcorn and an ice cream bar!  Feeling a bit nauseous and crampy but not sure if those are symptoms or just my body saying “what the hell?”  I am trying not to obsess over every little could be symptom.  It will drive me insane.

It is labor day weekend and I am headed up to my friend’s lake house for the night.  She is home from Colorado so we are doing a little girls day/night with a few other friends.  I think it will be great to get away and try not to worry about all that is going on.  I went to the store this morning to pick up some fruit and munchies. I figure if I can bring some healthy snacks I can’t eat crappy the WHOLE time.  So I packed cucumbers, tomatoes from our garden, carrots, celery and fruit.

I am not going to lie.  I have NO desire to be in a bathing suit in front of anyone right now.  I am a stressed and when I am stressed I eat.  Think I am up about 3-5lbs this IVF.  I am doing my best not to beat myself up.  I know if this fails I will hop back on that treadmill and if it doesn’t well who cares if I gained some weight and I can still continue to exercise during pregnancy right?  I know a lot of women out there have an unhealthy relationship with their body.  I am way to hard on myself but I am working on it.  I wish I could just wear whatever I want and be comfortable but I never have been able to.


Back home from the lake and we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs which is what I needed.  I haven’t been feeling much so I get this worry in the pit of my stomach that this could be another failed IVF.  I want to be positive but everyone else seems to get cramps, pinches and twinges.  Or they just seem to know that the cycle worked right away.  I WAS told I have a 70% chance so I just need to remember this and try to be positive.


13 thoughts on “3dp5dt and 4dp5dt

    • Typically I am an early tester but now I am scared to test. If this one doesn’t work then I just don’t know how many more I can go through or if there is something else wrong. I think I will test Wednesday which will be 12dpo or 7dp5dt.

  1. Hi there. I just found your blog from LFCA and got caught up on your most recent IVF blogs. It turns out that we had our retrievals on the same day! I had a 3 day transfer though. We also transferred 1 embryo. Sending you positive thoughts to your little embie 🙂 Hope you get through the rest of the 2ww okay!

  2. My beta is on Friday. And no, we’ve decided not to test and just to wait for the nurses call on Friday afternoon. I haven’t really had the urge to test…I don’t know if I could bear a BFN but also analyze weather it’s a true BFN or just too early to tell for me. Are you planning to test?

    • I will definitely test before beta. I want to know before I have to hear it from someone else. I may test Wednesday @ about 12dpo but I am so scared of a BFN that I may wait even longer.

  3. 70% is awesome!!!

    I wish I could just wave a wand to help you out to let go of your anxiety 🙂 Our chances for this FET are around 20% (I think IVF cycles for Dh and I are a bit better, 30%).

    I soooo related to your post about food/weight/body. I gained about 7 lbs with my IVF in May, lost almost immediately and then gained 4 lbs from stress eating after. This cycle my weight SOARED on estrogen (FET) and then went back to normal when progesterone was added. So I can only assume estrogen and I are a lethal combo. But progesterone is my new best freind…..

    I run too and after last week’s bedrest I’m taking it easy this week. But I feel a lot of anxiety not being able to run or workout. I have loose skin on my tummy from being much heavier in the past and when I don’t w/o it gets really noticeable, even with clothes on (talk about a good reason to stay focussed on exercise). I know I’ll never be a size “tiny” but I’d at least like to stay where I am (or lose another 10) during this process.

    Rambling. Sorry!

    But I soooo get what you’re saying 🙂

    • I think it is hard enough dealing with IVF why does it have to cause weight gain? It’s like someone kicking you while you are down! 70% are awesome odds I just am scared there is something else going on if this doesn’t work.

      • Word press is being a poop head, tried to comment earlier: estrogen causes me to gain but progesterone helps me to lose what I’ve gained (unfortunately it doesn’t work on old, stubborn weight). Do you find the same?

        I completely understand re: the unknowns. I often feel like this whole process would be a lot simpler and less emotionally draining if a Dr could say: you will need to do this procedure 3x, you will be successful on the 3rd.” Then I could relax a bit knowing it will actually pay off. Right now though I’m like you: no way of knowing if what we think we’re dealing with is all we’re dealing with!

      • Estrogen definitely causes weight gain for me! I know what you are saying if someone just gave me the date I would get pregnant it would be so much easier. I could stop stressing. The unknown sucks!

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