How I spent my day….1dp5dt

The nice thing about finding a down side of something is that there is ALWAYS an up side to it.  After complaining of being bored and being stuck being a couch potato because of IVF I decided to take Duncan, my kindle, camera and a blanket to a park about 15 minutes away.  Since it was mid week it was very quiet.  I spent a few hours reading, relaxing and listening to the the sound of bag pipes someone was playing not so far away.  Even though the blanket was not as comfy as the couch it was the best decision I could have made to get out of the house.  I am all about being positive right now.  Plus Duncan Doodle enjoyed watching the squirrels and birds.  Here is our little spot:

How I spent day after transfer

A picture of me and Duncan relaxing.  Note I forgot his leash so had to create a makeshift one out of poop bags!  I don’t think he was very pleased with me about this one.

Me and dunc at stark

Since housework (including cooking) was on my DO NOT DO List I made some crock-pot salsa chicken for dinner.  This was the first time I made it so it is definitely a work in progress but it was really good and super easy.

Salsa Chicken

Spicy Crockpot Salsa Chicken

  • About 3lbs of Chicken
  • Salsa- One container (I used the fresher ones found near the deli not the jars but either works)
  • 1 package of taco seasoning
  • A few large tomatoes
  • 1 T Minced Garlic
  • A few shakes of:
    • Red Pepper
    • Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime
    • Onion Powder
    • Chili Powder
    • Cayenne Pepper (I like it spicy)
  1. Throw everything in Crock-pot on Low for 6-7 hours
  2. If around shred chicken midway or wait till fully cook and shred (should look like pulled chicken)

I ate it plain because I was picking at everything and anything today but it would be good in a tortilla or lettuce wrap, served with tortilla chips, on rice or quinoa.

8 thoughts on “How I spent my day….1dp5dt

  1. immotileturtle says:

    I so hope the weather is nice after my transfer, this is a lovely way to spend the couch potato time. Keep up the positivity – its infectious

    • Kim says:

      Yes! So glad I got out. The fresh air does wonders! Back to work today for a half day but then 3 days off and then maybe I will begin testing Tues/Weds. 🙂

      • immotileturtle says:

        Wow, I can’t even think about testing at the moment. I don’t think I’ll be an early tester. Through the years I’ve only ever tested when I’ve genuinely thought that I’m pregnant. The BFNs get to me much more than AF so I think I will wait. Who knows though? I can imagine testing on an impulse. God that 2ww is a killer!!!

      • Kim says:

        I want to see a BFP at the first possible moment I can! Haha! I also want to find out before the nurse calls me so I can be prepared!

  2. anhmsu918 says:

    I gave in this time and started testing 2dp5dt. (no trigger shot to worry about for the FET) Finally showed at 6dp! I’m amazed at women who can wait for their betas!

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