Big Day Tomorrow and Blue Moon

IVF #2 Update

Tomorrow is the big day we have been waiting for!!!  It is transfer day!  We are scheduled to be there at 9am with a full bladder and transfer will be at 9:15.  I will tell you what not to do.  DO NOT drink as much as possible thinking a full bladder means an about to explode bladder.  During the Frozen Embryo Transfer, I decided to drink as much as possible and then they were almost an hour late.  I was told from the ultrasound tech that I won the prize for fullest bladder of the day! Ha Ha!

Doug sent me a link saying we have luck on our side and that this Friday is a blue moon!  So this one has to work right?!?  I hope so!  Things just feel right.  I feel like I am mentally in a better state then the last transfer.  I have been working out again and eating better and just feel like this could actually work!


After the transfer I plan on plopping my butt down on the couch, reading, writing and watching some movies that make me laugh!  Doug is taking the day off and I will be hanging with the pooch as well!

4 thoughts on “Big Day Tomorrow and Blue Moon

  1. road2ourbaby says:

    Awesome! Thinking the most positive thoughts for you to have a successful transfer tomorrow! You’re in a better mindset, you’re healthier, this is it!

    PS- my 3 year old chocolate lab Cooper looks like he could be Duncan’s brother! Have fun relaxing tomorrow. 🙂

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